Comments on: Hello to China at InfoQ-QCon!
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Comments on: Hello to China at InfoQ-QCon!

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
21-Apr-2010 4:10 GMT

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At the InfoQ-QCon Beijing 2010 conference this week, Jerry Tsai will be presenting REBOL. "Hello China" and welcome to the world of REBOL.

Jerry will be making two presentations:

  • 23-Apr-2010/16:30 A Glance at REBOL
  • 25-Apr-2010/13:10 An Introduction to CEP (Complex Event Processing). The CEP system was implemented in REBOL.

Relevant links (in Chinese language) are:

We thank Jerry for making the presentations and hope that interest in REBOL grows quickly in China.



Jerry Tsai
23-Apr-2010 11:08:30
In my REBOL session, all seats were taken. About 200 people were in the conference room. 5 people or so left the room in the middle of the session. Overall, it's very successful, I think.
23-Apr-2010 19:22:23
Great work!
Jerry Tsai
30-Apr-2010 23:11:36
The QCon CEP Slide I made is here:
Sunny Liu
7-May-2010 11:27:19
Tonny Wang
7-May-2010 11:28:11
REBOL is Great!

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