Comments on: REBOL 2.7.7 SDK for OS X Intel
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Comments on: REBOL 2.7.7 SDK for OS X Intel

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
4-Mar-2010 19:50 GMT

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The 2.7.7 SDK for Mac OS X Intel has been released.

How does it work? It's successfully built and runs AltME, a fairly large REBOL/View commercial application that uses many functions, including networking and graphics. So far, so good.

I should note that OS X SDK is a product we intend to sell (rather than give it away) and it helps fund REBOL development projects. If you're using it for company projects or products, it's quite affordable! If you're doing work for non-profit organizations or informal groups and you will help promote REBOL in some real way, send us a feedback to let us know, and we may be able to help you.




5-Mar-2010 1:41:40

Mr Sassenrath,

I very much appreciate the OS X effort, but am not liking the cost structure:

One price for Windows

Two prices for OS X (Intel and PPC)

Two prices for Linux (Libc6 and Fedora)

Why not one price to develop for all platforms? I'm sure that will help sell the multi-platform nature of Rebol.

And on that note, why not an Encap that will spit out the executables for all platforms, regardless of the development platform?

Also note: The store shows broken links (even if they're only images, it does look 'cheap'/broken).



5-Mar-2010 3:10:18
I understand that current 2.7.7 prices and versions remains the same than before. But maybe it's time to explain a bit what will be the cost structure for Rebol 3.

I'm not waiting exact prices but how the Rebol products portfolio will be structured and the possible rebates for owners of older version like me.

I've an View/pro + a SDK/Command licence. The question for me is how I will migrate to Rebol 3?

5-Mar-2010 10:46:11
Please correct me, but do I understand it well that there will be no SDK for download for people without the paid license anymore? It would be a shame because it was the only way how to get not en-caped REBOL source files and useful REBOL versions like Rebbase and Rebface.
5-Mar-2010 12:48:54
GoldEvil + 1
9-Mar-2010 1:33:43
Luis + 1




9-Mar-2010 2:21:32
+2 (split between GoldEvil and Luis ;-)

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