Comments on: AltME News and Changes
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Comments on: AltME News and Changes

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
25-Feb-2010 21:02 GMT

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Some news from

  • First, the and servers have been moved, and there was a short outage during that time while the DNS servers updated. If you're still seeing a problem, they ask that you send them a feedback message.
  • If you run your own AltME world that you start with a script or other method, the AltME name server has been improved to keep your worldname reserved as long as users login to your world a minimum of once every ten days.

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25-Feb-2010 16:02:57
So, does this mean if you remain continuously connected you can still lose the name because you're not logging in and out?
25-Feb-2010 22:15:47
Graham - no, I think that it was kind of fixed. IIRC the initial idea was, that you had to start your World manually from the Altme client itself. If you started it via a script, you could loose your name registration. Now it seems that the method was unified and it finally matches the docs - connect at least once per 10 days and you should be safe. Good to see that improvement coming! :-)

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