Comments on: Moved R3 Chat Server to Cheyenne in the Cloud
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Moved R3 Chat Server to Cheyenne in the Cloud

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
13-Feb-2010 1:55 GMT

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The R3 Chat system has been moved to a cloud server running Cheyenne, the web server from SoftInnov.

You know, gurus can be newbies too... especially in this modern world of computing where things change daily. This was my first Cheyenne scripting experience, and although there's not a lot of documentation, I'm happy how it worked out.

In fact, the Cheyenne part was the easy part. It's a basic .rsp web page with a line like:

<% insert tail response/buffer send-chat request/posted %>

This makes the web server tunnel the rebdev request packets, using the web server for its common port address and as a TCP I/O buffer.

The difficult part was that in using REBOL TCP, there's no way to shutdown (terminate half of the duplex) the TCP socket without closing the port, so you cannot use the simple transfer method. You must encode the length. (Let's not forget to support socket shutdown on R3.) Anyway, reworked that part of the code, and it seems to work fine.

So now when you use R3 Chat, you're running REBOL end-to-end-and-in-between. Less the OS and TCP stack, you're as REBOLish as you can get.

And, as usual, the code for all of this can fit on the tip of a pin. The tip, not the head. Makes you wonder what we could fit on the head of a pin, doesn't it?

BTW, I should note that we made this move because we were dropping 50% of the packets to the prior location and couldn't even post messages about R3 development.



14-Feb-2010 5:46:33
Ehm, the mobile web client is producing one of those silly errors that we laugh at others for:

*** RebDev Error: server connection failed (is server down?) ** Script Error: cause-error-here has no value ** Where: error ** Near: cause-error-here

14-Feb-2010 15:34:51
Surely Rebol-OS will be announced shortly :-).
15-Feb-2010 9:46:06
Carl, you can use just simple:
<%= send-chat request/posted %>
15-Feb-2010 11:42:05
For people using IE or Chrome my code example may looks too simple.. so here it's again:

<%= send-chat request/posted %>

It looks that the blog here needs a better input formatting (correctly encoding tags which are not allowed into entities). FF does it automatically inside <pre>

Greg Schofield
15-Feb-2010 17:20:51
Carl, I am a complete novice with webservers, but found with Cheyanne I could get things going when with other much better documented systems I was stumped.

If Google Chrome OS sees the light of day, nice easy to use, lightwieght, "local" webservers might be just the ticket for resting the "cloud" on terra firma.

20-Feb-2010 11:58:48
It seems the cloud has vaporized. Neither the R3 web chat view nor R3 chat works today.
20-Feb-2010 15:13:38
Henrik, it has condensed again ...

It would be nice to know what the issues were though

2-Mar-2010 18:20:16
I love rebol end to end in betwin use !

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