Comments on: A Power Mezzanine Function Package
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Comments on: A Power Mezzanine Function Package

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
10-Feb-2010 3:56 GMT

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Gabriele Santilli has released a useful collection of functions, scripts, and modules covering a range of common needs. It is licensed by QTask under the MIT license, so can be used for all your REBOL 2 projects. The goal is to increase sharing across the REBOL community and to reduce the need of reinventing the wheel for each developer.

You can find the package at Power Mezz. It's well documented.

For example, if you need to parse an HTML file, there's a 10 KB script (minus header notice) that provides a complete HTML parser, supporting HTML 3.2 to 4.1 and XHTML 1.0.

Here's a summary of the package:

Mezzanine functions

    Command line arguments handling
    COLLECT function
    Macro expansion
    Extended version of FUNC
    HTML Filter
    FORM-ERROR function
    HTML to plain text converter
    IMAP access functions
    Common code for "daemons" on Linux
    Parse HTML text into a tree
    Logging functions
    EMail related functions
    Functions to send and receive encrypted message packets
    Modules for REBOL 2
    Grow trees using constraints
    HTML Normalizer
    The PIPE function
    REBOL functions profiler
    "Random" 160-bit number sequences
    Test trace
    Text encoding and decoding functions
    Simple plain text to HTML converter
    Functions for handling trees
    Stub code for "daemons" on Windows


    Dialected EMIT function
    Finite State Machine interpreter
    Macros to emit [X][HT]ML


    Common PARSE rules
    (Simple) CSS Parser
    IMAP Parser
    [X][HT]ML Parser
    Arguments for PARSE rules
    A standards-compliant URI parser

Port schemes

    Chain port scheme for REBOL
    Filter port scheme for REBOL
    imapcommands:// protocol handler
    "Tee" port scheme for REBOL

Macros (for use with EXPAND-MACROS)

    Macros for handling trees



11-Feb-2010 0:06:32
Thanks QTask!
11-Feb-2010 2:15:09

Well written!

11-Feb-2010 2:43:34
Impressive and well-documented! Am I right in supposing it is intended for use with REBOL 2? There is no Needs: field in the headers.
Brian Hawley
11-Feb-2010 7:45:31
Yeah, they're for R2. Many of them won't work in R3 as they are (particularly the networking ones), so porting would be needed. A few others wouldn't be necessary in R3 (i.e. collect, the extended func, and modules). Most should be easy to port, or use as is.

A great collection, Gabriele!

11-Feb-2010 18:09
Thank you!
13-Feb-2010 21:18:01
Thanks Gab! What a time and effort saver.

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