Comments on: Lost an important web page?
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Lost an important web page?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
10-Feb-2010 18:34 GMT

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When we rebuilt the website recently, we cleaned up or removed many of the older web pages. If we removed a page that you thought was useful, please let us know, and we can republish it.



Carl Sassenrath
11-Feb-2010 12:47:12
The download archive was removed, but has now been rebuilt and links added from the primary download pages.
Brian Hawley
11-Feb-2010 15:08:28
Were the legacy REBOL platform builds removed deliberately? I wanted to test old versions against R2/Forward, at least until some of the currently unsupported platforms are supported again. For that matter, will we be using the same platform numbers for previously supported platforms?

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