Comments on: Yes, there is a REBOL/View 2.7.7 for OS X Intel
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Yes, there is a REBOL/View 2.7.7 for OS X Intel

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Jan-2010 6:47 GMT

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If you visit the View Downloads page, you'll notice an OS X version of REBOL/View. If you're an OS X user, please give it a try... it seems ok here, but we need a lot more people testing it to know for sure.



6-Jan-2010 3:56:18
Works for me. Will the SDKs also be updated (and can we get an OS X SDK?)

Oh , the dream of having encap for the iPhone with R3....

Robert M. Münch
6-Jan-2010 4:11:05
Yes, an OSX SKD would be very nice. I vote for it.
Robert M. Münch
6-Jan-2010 5:11:31
Works for me too.
Brian Hawley
6-Jan-2010 10:00:26
Anything blocking an OS X PPC build? I'd love to use R2 on Mac, but I have a G5.
Carl Sassenrath
6-Jan-2010 10:20:09
Funny that you ask... I was planning a PPC build last night, but the machine dropped into powersave mode, and SSH isn't setup to wake it. Should be published today.
Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
6-Jan-2010 19:27:50
OSX SDK... I actually need it for commercial work... it would be very appreciated.


7-Jan-2010 21:12:49
Runs all my stuff fine. Memory footprint is better as well:
REBOL/View 15-Mar-2008
>> recycle
>> to integer! stats / 1024
== 4704

REBOL/View 5-Jan-2010 >> recycle >> to integer! stats / 1024 == 4039

Also, graphics feel slightly faster and smother. +1 for the SDK ;)

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