Comments on: R3 progress in chart form
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Comments on: R3 progress in chart form

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
6-Nov-2009 0:59 GMT

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We should celebrate. REBOL 3.0 has now processed (most of them actual code fixes) and closed more than 1000 debug tickets during its alpha development:

This diagram shows the number of opened vs. closed tickets over the last few months:

Charts provided courtesy of CureCode powered by Cheyenne powered by REBOL.



Jerry Tsai
6-Nov-2009 18:17:02
R3 is stable enough and it is getting better everyday. I really appreciate what you have done. Your vision of computing and insistence on good design will make REBOL a great product.
6-Nov-2009 23:24:28
It appears that R3 is mature enough to proceed towards a beta release
Ged Byrne
7-Nov-2009 2:50:35
The link to Cure Code seems broken.

ww rebol com / article/ curecode org results in a 404.

Should it be www curecode org/ or perhaps www rebol net / wiki / CureCode ?

8-Nov-2009 4:53:40
(at)Jerry Tsai:

I agree that Rebol is a great product. Now it's time it gets more widespread in the IT enviroments, otherwise all this good work done by Carl and others will remain available just for a bunch of enthusiasts like us, which is not good.


How much would an effective ad-marketing cost ? I know Rebol Technologies has limited budget, maybe u could hire some ad agency to make Rebol get known.

Jerry Tsai
8-Nov-2009 18:30:35
I've been promoting REBOL for years. Something I wonder why I am doing this. I should be selfish, using REBOL quietly and letting others using ancient technologies, so I could do my projects much faster than they do.
9-Nov-2009 1:32:30
Whoohoo! Graphical representation of progress! Now, where did I hear that before... :)

This should really be up there on the fornt page of R3 dev, auto-updating...



9-Nov-2009 1:43:04
Was going to add some other stuff to the initial post but the excitement won over me...

(at) Luca: I get your point about visibility. When it come to languages, especially nowadays, cross platform deployment is 'preferred', and when versions are allowed to lapse it's not usually seen as a priority for that platform and this can put people off (and I'm one of them!). I think on the 'marketing' side there needs to me more done in the app space (as well as the 'Powered by Rebol' on sites): I think this is one way most people get to see what can be done. I had an audio app lined up for Rebol (which is now half way developed in another language) - What stopped me? Deployment. I want to target Win/Mac/Linux in one go, and _easily_! My current system (it does have its own limitations) creates standalones at the click of a few buttons.

When I see something cool (cross platform...) I look around the site to try to find what it was written in so that I can see what strengths that language has.



Carl Sassenrath
9-Nov-2009 15:58:22
Encouraging feedback, thanks for posting it.

Ged: the CureCode link is fixed now.

15-Nov-2009 8:14:16
Congratulations Carl! Thank you for all your dedicated work (and also for anyone helping you - not sure who that is these days - Henrik and Brian?).

... and I LOVE hearing talk about marketing :) REBOL needs links, links, links, links, links, on as many web sites as possible, with targeted search words on other well ranked pages, all pointing to That's the best way to promote online. Any noise we make as a community, in blogs, forums, etc., all helps to draw search attention.

A few new killer apps would also draw attention. I'm working on little VOIP and video conference apps (seems like a good fit for our messaging language :) If anyone wants to help with MAC and Linux, perhaps a R3 demo project could help bring some attention to our new tool :)

30-Nov-2009 10:24:42
Nick, I'd love to help if I could, but I consider myself merely an interested beginner with Rebol (and long-time Linux user). Best of luck anyway!

NOTE: I'm actually looking for cross-platform VOIP and videoconferencing apps. In a multi-OS family, cross-platform is essential.

14-Jan-2010 2:35:39 " 01/13/2010 (10:23 pm) x264: the best low-latency video streaming platform in the world Filed under: low latency, ratecontrol, speed, streaming, threading, x264 :: x264 has long held the crown as one of the best, if not the best, general-purpose H.264 video encoder. With state-of-the-art psy optimizations and powerful internal algorithms, its quality and performance in “normal” situations is mostly unrivalled....."

Nick i see its a long time since you posted that and still no progress i assume as nothings been posted here to help a real new rebol view application rise to general popularity in the wider world yet again.

but you could make a simple view client/server GUI and feed your content into the current x264 through a pipe for "the best low-latency video streaming platform" and make it all into a self contained exe with the latest windows version perhaps.

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