Comments on: REBOLer gets some air...
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: REBOLer gets some air...

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Oct-2009 19:40 GMT

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I just happened to notice this video of Nick Antonnacio, author of Learn REBOL, a freshly updated version of REBOL Programming For The Absolute Beginner.

So, strap on a propeller and take off...

Nick Antonaccio, flying off into the sunset

Check out Nick's flyby on Youtube: Nick Antonaccio Powered Paragliding, and also be sure to check out Nick's Computer Programming Tutorial videos.

Thanks Nick for updating your REBOL tutorials. New users really like your approach to learning REBOL.



Gerard Cote
21-Oct-2009 18:08:37
Nice fly, Nick.

It's not without a reason if you are flying over with such a lot of new learning material so quickly ;-)

Keep up the good works. Best Regards

22-Oct-2009 0:42:45
The member board of our local PPG group runs on REBOL, of course :)
22-Oct-2009 0:45:40
I like flying ALMOST as much as writing REBOL code... :)

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