Comments on: Problem installing REBOL?
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Comments on: Problem installing REBOL?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
6-Oct-2009 21:01 GMT

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As you know REBOL/View supports installation as an optional feature (it's not a requirement.)

We received this feedback recently:

I'm new at programming and I got very interested in learning to program with rebol. But I encountered a little "problem". I downloaded the rebol/view 2.7.6 version and when I run it, it wouldn't give me the option to install it on my computer. Every time I wanted to open the rebol/view it would pop up the "run" wizard again. Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with that version, because when I downloaded the earlier version I didn't have that problem.

If you've seen a similar problem, can you post a comment about it and how you solved it? Thanks.



6-Oct-2009 16:27:16
I'm glad you asked.

Installing REBOL and getting scripts to run is amazingly problematic. There are numerous problems on different systems. Installation is simple on few Linux systems; many have numerous different problems. Windows Vista seems to eat parts of AltME after a while, and it may well also do that to View. Other Windows versions basically work, but View tends to scatter its directories over the desktop instead of in the home directory, and often associating the script file type with the interpreter doesn't work. The latter basically never works on Linux, and manual association via the shebang line has all sorts of problems, as well.

6-Oct-2009 18:04:41
Linux is a problem. I'm sitting on an Ubuntu system. Core 2.7.6 works fine. View 2.7.6 requires a graphic library (i forget which) but I can find it in the package manager. R3 works until you invoke 'load-gui'. Also, I had to rewrite the 'browser command to specifically call firefox because it can't find default browser. I can run R3 in wine but it can't find default browser either and I don't know how to make that work. Right now I run R3 in winxp in vbox.

So... rebol is hard to run in linux

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
6-Oct-2009 20:50:49
If its a vista machine, you have to let the OS run Rebol in "Administrator mode", or the application *could* be denied disk access, so when it wants to write down the user.r file, it can't.

So it runs the setup script over and over.

Disabling Vista's "UAC" entirely also *fixes* this issue IIRC, but I may be wrong (UAC is a genuinely good idea but was probably coded by the Redmond's resident village idiot).

6-Oct-2009 21:47:24
For me, that problem in Vista was solved by right clicking and running as administrator.
6-Oct-2009 23:58:26
This recent REBOLtalk thread documents one newcomer's difficulties, and my groping attempts at solving them:,4119.0.html

A better Vista install guide with a list of gotchas could help.

7-Oct-2009 6:32:44
I *had* rebol running in RH8 several years ago. It took a while to get rebol+vanilla set up correctly, but it worked.

Now I'm trying to do the same thing in CentOS 4.7 final, and rebcore 2.7.6 is complaining about glibc 2.5+.

Do you need more testers? I know there are a large number of OS configurations, and it might be hard to test against all of them. Like many similarly complex issues, there is good info *somewhere* on how to solve, but locating that "gem" can be very frustrating.

Brian Hawley
8-Oct-2009 12:56:48
Vista's UAC is meant to remind you when your program is doing something it shouldn't, like putting files where they don't belong. AltME, like most REBOL programs, does just that. If you need to run as administrator and your program isn't doing any administering, then your program needs to be fixed.

I've been complaining about this since 2000. In the REBOL 2.6 series it does a better job on Windows with file placement, but still puts things in the wrong place in the registry. This leads to legitimate UAC prompts.

We need to do a proper review of the current best practices on 2000/XP/2003 and Vista/2008/7 and then make sure we follow those practices. All the directories we need to know can be found in the registry - we just need to look.

I'm not as familiar with REBOL installation on Linux, so I can only assume things are worse there due to the lack of agreed-upon standards for how and where to install stuff.

8-Oct-2009 17:33:59
I run both 276 and R3 alphas on Linux (EeeBuntu) with no issues; I don't recall any on XP SP-3 - and I am that guy with issues ;-)

I certainly agree with Sunanda on playing nice. On linux I appreciate app's offering to live in /opt as opposed to claiming their spot in /usr/bin and also using a /share dir where appropriate.

I also run rebol scripts on a shared Debian web host OK.

But having Python 2.4 for app X co-exist with Python2.5 and Python2.6 and 3.0 and 3.1 - now that can be a pain.

(My pet Curl language coexists with 5 runtimes on my XP box with selective uninstalls/updates of any piece of any one of them. And you can declare applets for multiple versions. And I never ever touch an ENV var or the registry. And multiple versions of the "live code" Doc app, I might add .. ;-)

Multiple versions of ICON can lead to some annoyance ( I have ICON, UNICON and ObjectIcon + Converge)

Multiple versions of gcc with Cygwin and Msys we can wish on those who are not friendly to us.

Python ez_install (easy_install in practice) is so far so good in getting me up to Plone3 from Plone2. I hope Rebol modules fare as well.

Ben (Zap)
9-Oct-2009 8:50:07
This confusion as to where the apps are supposed to live have come about through the years over ideas to reduce redundancy and improve security.

There doesn't seem to be a consensus anywhere. Just in windows there are several default areas in various versions of their OS's:

root i.e. c:\

defaultLocationForPrograms c:\ProgramFiles\Rebol

defaultLocationForUsersChoice1 C:\Documents and Settings\userName\Rebol

defaultLocationForUsersChoice2 C:\Documents and Settings\userName\Application Data\Rebol


Add to these choices a 'REBOL_HOME' variable and another set of rules.

I prefer the simplest. i.e. C:\REBOL\restOfStructure

This provides EASY backups, quick access, and generally OS agnostic (at least in windows series) development.

Perhaps an internal table could be built (probably already exists) for installation on various os's.

Then whenever more the one choice is available, let the user choose but present the choices in order of simplicity i.e. shortest simplest path first.?

9-Oct-2009 16:42:31
In Windows 7 :-( rebol does not install for me, continues in an install loop asking to install over and over again....
Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
9-Oct-2009 19:12:59
arthur did you try installing it in your user profile's root dir?

it should live pretty well there. (not tested myself on W7, but rebol doesn't need to be anywhere specific on the disk.)

you might have problems assigning an icon for it though (wherever its installed), as I have had a lot of issues with that in vista.

I ended up having to play with registry keys manually.

26-Oct-2009 11:14:10
On xp rebol/view 2.7.6 doesn't seems to install. No default user.r is built.
17-Nov-2009 7:05:41
2.7.6 on XP should work. There is not supposed to be a default user.r: it's a file you can optionally add yourself.
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