Comments on: Blog snags?
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Blog snags?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
29-Sep-2009 18:57 GMT

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I hit a snag the other day when posting comments to a few of my blogs. It told me that I was abusing my own blog. Perhaps you've had a similar experience on this or the R3 Frontline blog?

Earlier in September, I had to tighten up the blog software a little. It's possible that I went too far and that it's too restrictive. But, you need to tell me if this is the case, because I don't have time to look over the logs.

In general, the abuse detection algorithm scores your comments based on:

  • content length (very short comments are penalized)
  • hyper-links (one is about all you get)
  • post timing (if you post within two minutes of another comment from the same IP, watch out)

If the combined score exceeds the limit, then you'll see that abuse message.

Let me know if I need to make adjustments.



29-Sep-2009 12:34:42
As long as these limits are known, I'm OK with the current settings. The problem for me was when posting twice in a row within (apparently) two minutes, but knowing the length makes it easier to adjust for.
29-Sep-2009 17:49:55
Yes, right now the blog makes an unreliable impression, because it doesn't tell exactly why it rejects anything. It's also very irritating that it does it at the end of posting, instead of as early as possible.
29-Sep-2009 19:59:38
Yes, I have had it reject a comment and tell me I was abusing. No URLs, but it was a short comment.
30-Sep-2009 6:25:22
The same here - mine was frequency related. It would be good, if above three bullets would be part of abuse message. User would imediatelly know, why abuse happened. (but otoh it might help for spammer to adapt his SW :-)
Carl Sassenrath
30-Sep-2009 22:41:36
In general, it might help to tell you what you did to hit the trigger.

Pekr: yes, in fact that's why the source link for this blog no longer links to the current source, but to an older one on Someone was studying the source carefully, and taking advantage of any weakness. (Of course, the result was that I had to spend some time improving it, a good thing. Sometimes we get lazy when code works for many years without modification.)

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
6-Oct-2009 20:16:22
funny, it just happened to me (again)...

so I tried adding an extra line for the blog engine to let it pass... it worked ;-)

then, just after, I come to this blog and read This post by Carl.. hehehe...

I had just discovered how to trick the blog when I read how to do it in plain english :-)

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