Comments on: The JSON Saga
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Comments on: The JSON Saga

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
26-Aug-2009 5:19 GMT

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A friend from several years ago, Douglas Crockford, contacted me recently to let me know about his JSON Saga video.

"So somehow, in the whole XML hysteria, we'd forgotten the first rule of workmanship, which is: use the right tool for the right job. Instead, we got distracted on this other thing, which was one tool to rule them all. That's not good engineering, that's not good craftsmanship, that's not the way you do things."

It's an interesting video about the history of JSON. And... about 22 minutes in... you'll find a nice little note about REBOL.

Thanks Douglas.



Gregory Higley
26-Aug-2009 23:24:27
Coincidentally, I wrote an article on my blog that talks about the similarities between REBOL and JavaScript. JSON was what prompted me to write it.

27-Aug-2009 1:40:20
Another one:
27-Aug-2009 7:56:40
At time 29:29 of the speech he mentions that,

"There is not one guy in the this list that would look at another alternative to XML and state that 'yep' he got it right"

REBOL was in the list. :-(

Joey Coder
28-Aug-2009 12:59:08
(at) Brock,

Watch the presentation again or read the transcript again.

In the presentation, Douglas Crockford says, "JSON had a lot of influences on its design. It didn't just come out of my head. It's based on a lot of things that I had observed over the years ... Another influence was Rebol. Rebol's a more modern language ... in that it's all built upon a representation of data which is then executable as programs... it's a much richer thing syntactically. Rebol is a brilliant language, and it's a shame it's not more popular, because it deserves to be."

Are you a subversive, a champion of some inferior technological expression, say XML or JSON, trying to undermine REBOL?

Do tell us Brock.

31-Aug-2009 19:08:56
Joey-- the slide that Brock referenced states that: designers of XML alternatives followed different visions of data exchange, none were significantly better than the others, and (paraphrasing) the architects of the alternatives were zealous in their approaches. In other words, Brock correctly points out that Crockford is critical of the other XML alternatives, and REBOL is included in that list. Seems to me that Brock's comment is not unfair.

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