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REBOL Technologies

Comments on: A little captcha

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Jun-2009 4:54 GMT

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Hopefully, a little captcha goes a long way. I've added a minimal method to this blog to help filter bogus comment postings. We'll see how smart the scrapers really are. We can always expand on it.

It should be obvious what to do when you post.



Spam King
17-Jun-2009 23:30:17
If you click preview then post, it says it is duplicated entry. Besides that it is almost great.
17-Jun-2009 23:33:11
Or you could pick cool solution from our fellow rebolers from Softinnov:

19-Jun-2009 10:23:57
I used Captcha before on my forum but it failed to stop forum spammers. What finally worked was taking the phpbb forum advice and creating a custom question that ask if the person is a spambot. It's default question is yes and therefore, a person must drop down and change the answer. The question and the answer is easy to change so it makes a spam bot rather useless. It works so good that I don't even need captcha and it is easier for the end user as they can just select the answer instead of typing it in.
Jerry Tsai
19-Jun-2009 18:19:07
A captcha for this site should use a test that is supposed to be only solvable by a REBOL fan. Such as, Pekr is from ..., RT is in ..., REBOL stands for ... What is the output of the following REBOL code ... etc.
Carl Sassenrath
20-Jun-2009 13:18:59
King: on "duplicated entry": did you enter any text? That error may be a "catch all".

Pekr: well, yes, but did not have much time to add it.

Paul: it's a good point. We use this technique on our main feedback page. It is simple, and I like that. Of course, some spam gets through because spambots pick random choices on drop downs.

Jerry: Lol. Good one. And, "name a famous Reboler who lives in China?"

Jerry Tsai
20-Jun-2009 21:38:26
According to ClustrMaps, people who visit are mostly from USA, France, and China. China is in the 3rd place this year, the 6th place last year. I am sure it will be in the 2nd place by the end of the year or next year. I hope we can hold a REBOL-con in Beijing once R3 is release. People here are so interested in REBOL.
29-Jun-2009 13:55:16
It would be better without the dash so one can use doubleclick to select the id.
6-Aug-2009 15:52:58
Carl, consider adding "no-follow" to either the page or the links in the comments. This will reduce the Google-juice benefit of posting the link for the spammer.

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