Comments on: REBOL/Services Source Code
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: REBOL/Services Source Code

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
26-Feb-2009 0:02 GMT

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We've had various requests for the REBOL/Services code recently.

We used to post the source on our server, but moved it to DevBase to allow users to contribute changes.

Of course, you have to know how to work DevBase to get it, and many developers don't want to fuss with that, they just want the zip URL.

So, we've uploaded a .zip that you can download. The source page is:



28-Feb-2009 20:46:45
Thanks, I've updated the package in Syllable Server with this. Is this the latest code, or still the old release from before DevBase?
1-Mar-2009 11:45:06
Don't see documentation anywhere? Does it exist?
1-Mar-2009 12:53:59

9-Mar-2009 5:50:09
The linked page says Rebol 2.6 - is it not for Rebol 2.7.6? Perhaps just a typo ...

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