Comments on: Using LOAD and MOLD for script size measurements
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Comments on: Using LOAD and MOLD for script size measurements

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Feb-2009 19:53 GMT

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I've been using a simple measurement technique for about 10 years now... so, it's come time to formalize the concept and notation.

It's called the LOAD then MOLD script sizing method. (I've also called it MOLD LOAD, the order the functions are actually written, but the reverse of how they are evaluated.)

Here's the official Load Mold Size page.

When you see notations like 11 KB LMFC, now you know what it means. (Note that these are not functions and are not code, they are simply notations used for indicating size in documents and messages.)



21-Feb-2009 1:45:46
This naming convention is totally against REBOL principles we know for years. Don't we use meaningful names? And why not having one function with refinements?
21-Feb-2009 2:29:56
Pekr: I think LM LMF LMFC are not functions so they can't have refinements or anything.. It's a a measuring unit from my understanding.

Is there a typo? 11 LB LMFC (LB = KB?)

Carl Sassenrath
24-Feb-2009 11:02:22
Yes, that is correct! These are not functions, they are simply notations like "KB" to put along-side size measurements.
Carl Sassenrath
24-Feb-2009 11:07:12
I've added a sentence to the document to make it clear.

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