Comments on: Happy New Year 2009
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Happy New Year 2009

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
1-Jan-2009 22:05 GMT

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I wish you the very best for 2009.

Be sure to make 2009 a great year, in whatever way counts in your life, family, and business.

Personally, I'm glad 2008 is over. It was an unusually difficult year in so many ways. It's funny isn't it, the character of each year? It's just a symbolic representation, isn't it?

On with 2009, and let this be the best ever.

And for REBOL 3.0, let's move forward at light speed toward realizing our visions, plans, and dreams.



1-Jan-2009 16:17:21
Happy new year, Carl! I almost check your web site every day for a new edition of R3. Everyday disappointment. I hope I can use a new R3 today.
1-Jan-2009 16:33:58
到底什么时候能够有新的 R3 下载? 12 月的计划很清楚,要放出新版本,怎么到现在还看不到? 让中文用户很失望!
1-Jan-2009 17:05:12
(holding up a grain of sand) What's in the name of a world, eh? Be it...Apple...or Microsoft...or REBOL. Or maybe that should be, What world is in a name? Symbols have meaning, and power. And shelf-lives. :-D

2009: a year of revolution, rebellion, overthrow, rebels (rebols, even); sudden, unexpected events; major advances in computing; medical breathroughs. Financial crisis continues, so take heed (check it out, Carl:

Have a GRAND New Year, everyone! Gotta think out of the box this year, and go out on a limb - do things differently, and try the "untried, but true" things. Those who risk this year, and abandon the status quo, achieve mightily. The power is with the daring visionaries. :)

5-Jan-2009 2:43:31
Bonjour Carl !

Je voulais tout simplement vous souhaiter une très heureuse année 2009.

Très cordialement,

Claude from France

Tony Casanova
19-Jan-2009 18:31:57
Happy New Year Everyone! This year should be better! Free at last! Free at last! =-) I have a mac mini waiting for that Macintosh OSX Intel - V10.4+ version release.

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