Comments on: RebelBB Forum with Source
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: RebelBB Forum with Source

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
21-Dec-2008 21:35 GMT

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Here's a nice little REBOL forum that I should mention: Forum REBOL, powered by RebelBB.

It's mainly a group of French speaking REBOLers, and since learning French has been a hobby over the last couple years, it's interesting and a challenge for me. The members have been kind regarding my awkward posts, and I appreciate the feedback. I know I have a long way to go to perfect my parlance.

Of course, if you don't read French, then the forum script itself may still be of interest. It is an open source (GNU) bulletin board with an IMAP back-end, written in REBOL of course. The source code for RebelBB looks clean and tidy, easy to read, thus making it easy to modify for your own needs.

Anyway, it's always good to see sites like this, and I'll try to make time, between so many projects, to drop in and say bonjour.



22-Dec-2008 10:25
We can chat in French via Skype whenever you like ... or Fring.

moi aussi, j'aimerais me retrouver en France dans un proche avenir. Vous écoutez les bulletins de nouvelles en podcast chaque jour je suppose ... chez iTunes, par example .. ne c'est pas?

Greg P.
23-Dec-2008 13:11:46
Hi Carl, Glad to see this blog entry! I really enjoyed building this BB in Rebol, with many advices from the french rebolers. It took me about 20 hours to make it, mainly to spend time reading IMAP RFC. Rebol is the best language I ever used to develop a CGI (php is really crap next to it). I also found that using IMAP instead of SQL was appropriate and new for a BB. I have plans to enhance it, like adding RSS, ... but I'm already involved with some other Rebol projects with a higher priority for now. Hope I will have some time during 2009. Meanwhile, since it's GPL, I can give a few advice for people who would like to contribute.
24-Dec-2008 17:24:26
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Carl (and family)! :-) And all REBOLers.
4-Jul-2012 22:17:27
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