Comments on: I want my MTV... whoops, I mean OSX SDK.
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Comments on: I want my MTV... whoops, I mean OSX SDK.

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
2-Jul-2008 18:52 GMT

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Some of you are hanging around asking:

Dude, where's my 2.7.6 OSX SDK?"

My reply is:

Did you try the colormap fix experimental version for View 2.7.6?

Yet again, testing is the wall blocking progress toward Brian's moon robots. I think I've received zero comments on that release. (Or maybe it just seems like it because I've been in 3.0 land too long. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Now, if I hear it's working great, then we can move forward with SDK 2.7.6 for OSX.

And, just a side query:

BTW, did you ever hear "I want my Amiga" in the tune of "I want my MTV?" Great artistry - very well done. Our old Amiga friend Greg Riker produced it while he was still rocking at Electronic Arts back in the 1980's. (Of course, he went on to be Bill's right hand man, but I somehow believe he never produced an "I want my Windows" rendition of that song.)

Anyone have a copy? I'd like to track it down!

I still get a card from Greg each year, but I think he lives on a Belizean beach and is difficult to reach these days.



2-Jul-2008 14:49:45
That may be as elusive as a Pantaray disc (yeah, I have my CDTV and DCTV all ready to go Carl)

Was that song a Mod file?

Carl Sassenrath
2-Jul-2008 15:32:25
Hi James, it was before Amiga mod days, when audio was audio ;) Probably around May 1985. Included various vocals too: Greg, Trip I think.. maybe a couple others.
Thomas (
2-Jul-2008 20:47:29
The tune is really called "Money for Nothing" but i still have no luck finding the song in google and ixquick.
3-Jul-2008 3:16:49
Carl, the colormap fix worked for me (Leopard) when I tried it, but I haven't heard from others either.
3-Jul-2008 5:30:07
I will try it but have trouble locating it. Including the link in the blog page would have expedited that.

I don't see OSX experimental for View listed on these pages

logan rymel
3-Jul-2008 12:55:04
how close are the fires?,are they getting closer?,are they really big?

ps.logan rymel

John Niclasen
5-Jul-2008 1:13:05
I would very much like to test a PPC version of View with colormap fix for OS X.
7-Jul-2008 9:05:35
No, I did not try it because I did not find it. I tried Rebol View 2.7.6 some time ago on OS X, it was too broken to be used (the colormap) and the builds page has not been updated since.

How does one find this fixed version?

9-Jul-2008 1:28:35
Looks like the popularity of the OS X version is reflected by the lack of support for it.



Brian Hawley
11-Jul-2008 6:22:12
MikeL, there are no experimental builds at all on the page you mention. The page you should be looking at is

Luis, do you mean that the OS X version doesn't have enough testers to generate the results needed to fix its problems? That's what's needed for a release. The way you phrased your statement made implied that this is some kind of prioritization based on popularity - that is not the case here.

16-Jul-2008 23:21:39
I can only find the old sdk-2706025.tar.gz file at and this is dated 15-Mar-2008. Can someone please post a link to the fixed file and/or point me to the blog post that refers to it. Thanks.
Ron Hochsprung
18-Jul-2008 9:05:28
I've only had time to verify that rebol and rebview work on latest test versions of Leopard and Snow Leopard. I have several rebol programs that I use, but haven't done any real rebview programming.

But, at least rebview doesn't crash, and seems to work (i.e., runs demos, etc.).


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