Comments on: Returning to normal... let's hope.
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Comments on: Returning to normal... let's hope.

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
1-Jul-2008 14:23 GMT

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Last week was tough... but I hope things can get back to normal now.

Ukiah is still quite smoky, but the fires around us appear to be under control (see my Mendocino Fires and Smoke blog for details). There's been no official announcement as of yet, but judging by the thermal satellite images and the changes in smoke patterns, things seem to be looking up. Let's hope the wind remains calm.

Although I never stopped working on R3 over the last week, the fires made life on the ranch a bit worrisome... and, you can only breath so much forest fire smoke each day. The office and house still smell like a chimney (like I was back in the Mosaic farmhouse in southern France.) I think it's going to take a few weeks for things to air out.

Anyway, one good result was that I had the chance to try the Wordpress blogging system, and I'm impressed. As you know I generally use my own software (such as the blogger where this message is posted), and I've tried a few times over the years, but I wasn't satisfied.

Wordpress, however, was generally a good experience (once I figured out a "defect" in their "theme" system), and if you are looking for a good blog host, I'd recommend it.

In fact, I'm tempted to use it for my own personal blogging... because I constantly have to pull myself back from posting a lot more personal notes here on this REBOL blog page.



Brian Deneen
2-Jul-2008 6:30:28
Wordpress is everything you say it is, which, of course, is what I would expect from you. Now our AmiWest announcements will be appearing on it (

I do like your personal notes here, however, especially news about your wine. Creativity is enriched by sidelights, and I, for one, appreciate knowing about the rest of what goes on over there in Ukiah. Those comments let all of us into the other sides of your mind, which I believe gives us creative insight into REBOL.

Carl Sassenrath
2-Jul-2008 11:47:29
Brian, thanks for the note. Good to hear from you again.
3-Jul-2008 19:40:53
Maybe. Blogs or wikis as stand alone scripts or browser plug-ins promote REBOL though. A REBOL script and/or plug-in could output layouts, not HTML. Authority levels, page changes, etc. spell checking and encryption can be part of a REBOL layout document.

Presentation, ease of use, page organization make a good set of documents.

...the medium through which a person encounters a particular piece of content would have an effect on the individual's understanding of it.

The Medium Is The Message

John Niclasen
9-Jul-2008 2:36:30
Like a scene from Blade Runner:
Wordpress Fan
9-Aug-2008 15:17:20
Wordpress is fantastic ! It's done in Php. Can't Rebol build something like Wordpress or is it less powerfull than PHP ?

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