Comments on: Mendocino fires and smoke, Ukiah, June 2008 lightning storm...
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Comments on: Mendocino fires and smoke, Ukiah, June 2008 lightning storm...

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
23-Jun-2008 19:20 GMT

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On June 20th, an evening lightning storm ignited more than 100 wildfires locally. Most of these fires are burning on sparsely populated mountain ranges within Mendocino county, but the smoke level in inhabited areas such as Ukiah and Anderson Valley is intense at this time.

I've moved all information, summaries, and links off this technology page (not really the best place for it). You can now find them at Mendocino Fires and Smoke.



23-Jun-2008 16:52:08
I understand much of the fire fighting equipment is in Iraq, rather than Northern California. Is this true, or just a false rumor. (We have many relatives near Orr and Navarro)
23-Jun-2008 17:20:07
Yep this is the way it gets done. Good job Carl! That is how I got info on the Moonlight fire last fall up in Plumas County. A blog was created by a local group with connections with the local press (that is what you need ASAP) The press can go to the Incident command center for the fire and get up to date info and mapping , losses , dangers ect, info. So you got to get a connection with someone in your local press or TV news station, Radio press or whatever. Then you can post that current info on here to your blog. Hell, they did it in Plumas county last year , the press was not anal about sharing information, but that is mountain folk for you.
not my name
23-Jun-2008 17:34:22
A lot of times the TV news stations can get more accurate information because they have helicopters covering the story. Inside the command post it could be quite confused, so they might not have the information to give out.

What info there is may be scattered among several gov't agencies and their sites.

Even NWS has a little info:

23-Jun-2008 18:22:51
I thought with the cooler weather last night things might be more under control today. Sounds a lot worse on the radio. More evacuations in the AV. Visibility terrible. Its too bad that the information regarding all this isn't located in one spot. Thanks for this site. Mitch
Robin Rebecca
24-Jun-2008 9:56:31
Thanks for the map. I am planning on coming back to Ukiah and hope things will be o.k. by then.
Brian Wisti
24-Jun-2008 10:56:31
I hope things get under control quickly! I remember a few wildfires and orange glowing hills are an unsettling sight to see. Will all that smoke have any effect on your grapes?
Carl Sassenrath
24-Jun-2008 14:29:19
The page has been updated. Thanks for your feedback.

Sorry that I do not have time to do more -- too busy with work (REBOL Tech). But, if any significant change arises, feel free to post it as a comment. I'll try to stay updated on it.

My replies:

Quinne: yes, that was mentioned earlier by the CA gov.
Mo, thanks. Unfortunately, my time is limited.
Brian: Should be ok.

Jim Armstrong
24-Jun-2008 16:48:36
Carl: Thanks for this effort. I just hope that the smoke doesn't mask new fires while they get established. I looked for the new ones on your map for east of Potter Valley and they are just plain masked. More lightning for the weekend.
Stand Waiting
25-Jun-2008 6:55:44
Herd that west wind is on its way, good for the clearing of smoke, not so good for the fire, unless it blows it back towards the burn area...
Nate the great
26-Jun-2008 6:25:47
dont know much bout this except my dad is part of the fire fighting strike team. teh biggest problem is that they onnly have one strike team out there. theres just too many fires to fight and i think this one isnt being paid much attention to. my dad says that it wont improve anytime soon.

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