Comments on: A Busy Spring 2008
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: A Busy Spring 2008

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
18-Jun-2008 18:24 GMT

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Wow, between the R3 project and personal life, it's been a busy spring this year. I've not had much time to write blogs and talk about the details of REBOL, but there are some major things going on.

I should mention that the goal for the summer remains the same, to release R3 in a much bigger way, to a lot more users, and with much more source code for community participation and contributions (both C and R code)... moving it toward a beta and then final 3.0.0.

I have another important goal related to R3 that I'm not going to say much about it right now, and it will be the primary focus of R3's built-in functions at the user level. This goal will become more clear as we get closer to the release.



18-Jun-2008 12:45:17
Carl, thanks for the update! I already feared about the progress or the lack of it. It seems that you are still rather bussy, in personal life as well as with R3! Looking forward to the secret project!
18-Jun-2008 13:10:19
Ahhhh....suspense... Well if wer'e gonna wait longer might as well make it interesting.
20-Jun-2008 0:10:42
Hi Carl! I'm glad R3 is progressing well!

I hope a good marketing policy is included in your secret R3 goal. The fact that it still isn't widely known as PHP or others, is frustrating!

I really hope that you've learned something from the mistakes of the big C= ! :-)

1-Jul-2008 11:22:34
Hi Oscrooge0 -

I was an Amiga user from February 1986 and later developed some software for that platform. I find your remark to be either incredibly mis-informed or incredibly snide. Anyone who has any significant experience with the Amiga is well familiar with the factors that have led to its premature demise, let alone someone so well-founded and involved with its very development; as Carl has been.

I'll make a little statement of my own with due respect to the one Carl just made here. I am involved in my own financial investment project. If it reaches even some of the milestones and goals proposed, then maybe an opportunity to invest some of the money necessary for successful marketing and adoption of such worthy technology, will be recognized and made real.

Nicolas V. (nve)
9-Jan-2011 15:13:15
So, We are in 2011... What was The secret project ?

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