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Comments on: New R3 home page is here...

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
21-Mar-2008 16:08 GMT

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With R3 under development, it's not had a central home page. Documents and links were scattered around in various blog, wiki, and chat discussion pages. It's time to change that.

Now, there's a new central REBOL 3 Home Page for all information related to REBOL 3.0. We're going to keep this page frequently updated, so return often and reload it.

If you want to add an R3 link to your website or send a URL to a friend, this is now the main page.



21-Mar-2008 22:09:20
Boring home page. Might as well be called Status Quo 3.0. Looks like all the other corporate pages in the world--are you trying to be the same?

I thought you still had it in you to be the *rebel*. Or am I mistaken in that you brought AMIGA OS into the world?

Rebels don't follow. They lead! Boldly.

The mockup webpages I created for you were better than what I just saw. Where are the graphics? Need something to help illustrate the idea. Who wants to read a novel all the time?

I'm taking your rebel card away from you. ;-) Your license to rebel has been revoked.

22-Mar-2008 3:18:08
We are not yet at the page design stage. Still discussing content.
22-Mar-2008 3:58:46

Are u "Carl's blog" official troll ? :-)

22-Mar-2008 6:04:21
(peeks out from under Official Carl's Blog Troll mask) "Hey, I've got to stir things up a little... You know, keep him on his toes, or he'll get lazy and go to Tahiti or something." (puts it back on) "Build that fire! C'mon!" *cracks whip*

See? You make waves with the unexpected. :)

23-Mar-2008 1:47:43

you should probably tell ppl, that you was invited to webdesign group, and that once you felt not satisfied, you asked for the removal few days later. So - how do you know that what you can see is the final website look? ;-)

Of course it is not. REBOL 3 dedicated page is good one. As for me, I would make it even better with proper structural page of particular planned features and milestone plan, but maybe it will come too. It is not R3 PRODUCT page, but R3 PROJECT one!

But - I would not call you a troll, if I understand your attitude correctly, you're just trying to motivate us to rebellious aproach instead of "traditional" one, right? :-)

23-Mar-2008 2:55:40
I didn't ask for any removal; I quit the project and left. :-) Everybody just wanted to make lists all the time--well, pretty much just thinking and talking--and there was little forward momentum or *settled* gameplan, except for what I was contributing with the graphics and priority lists.

(side note, to those who didn't know--I thought everyone did--last November Carl had invited me to the secret REBOL base, haha, where a flurry of activity goes on regarding what they're building...well, they've got Death Star!)

Okay on the 'product' versus 'project' point. Point taken.

23-Mar-2008 8:22:23

you clearly don't understand why the talk and lists are needed. You make it sound like RT would not know, who they are and where they want to go, which is not true. Website mockups are just barfing at the moon, without building spaceship to get there. What we need first is to settle on what and how should be presented, the lists, gfx the last, and we will get there.

23-Mar-2008 11:44:32
I agree. The *what* has not been decided. :) It shall be interesting to see what definition for REBOL manifests.

I still stand by every word I left there on the AltMe R3 thingy, in my closing post, to which you no doubt refer with your last one here. First it was a scripting language, then a messaging language, then like Flash, then not exactly like Flash, then like Java, then not exactly like Java; then with capabilities of CGI,... Well, you get the picture. And that's the problem with it. You can sell or popularize a product,...only when you know what that product is and does, and how to present it.

You see the problem, though...for those who would design a website around such a product. If the sands keep shifting, or won't's simply not time to design the website.

Everybody rushes to get things out the door before they are done. Microsoft sends out products, and forces people to be unwilling or unwitting Beta-testers, and it seems too many more in the computing industry *follows* suit. :)

If it's not done, don't present it.

All that could have been done by that website team was just talk, and lists (based on other lists that were not finalized, nor prioritized, etc.--basically, based on the unfinished REBOL product). But, yeah, I did what I could, with coloration and graphical ideas. Yet still realized fairly soon where it was (not) going.

A note on your last sentence. We clearly have a different way of working. Two contrary grains. Reason I left, also. Carl prefers your way, anyway. I disagree that graphics are a last consideration--they play an integral role in presenting tone and stance, style, and essence.

And just for kicks, here's a link to one of the simple but elegant splash page ideas (the gold and black was my favorite of those I submitted). I loathed one of the last ones I did, which was an attempt to get it looking similar to a page Carl liked...which was all corporate like, and made me want to puke. :) But, yeah, this one was one of the better ones...

Rebol Site Idea (Gold)

and a miscellaneous graphic that could have been reduced to an icon or spot illustration for something...

And, -pekr-, don't ever tell me what I do or don't understand. :-)

Let me know when REBOL is *finished*.

23-Mar-2008 13:28:42
HaPpY EaStEr! :)


24-Mar-2008 3:18:05

I am with REBOL since the very beginning and I never heard that it should be like Java. All your technology comparisons simply show your wrong understanding of what was said and what the vision is, or you could not write what you just wrote. What is more - your attitude simply shows kind of disrespect to the whole developer's community. If you want to wait for when product is finished, then simply wait, and don't comment. You will surely know, when R 3.0 is announced. Or there is other option - return to r3-alpha world and offer some help.

24-Mar-2008 7:11:19
Yes. I am wrong. :-) EXACTLY THE FREAKING POINT, -pekr-

Exactly why I left the project after a few days.

Those ON the project...including Carl...don't know how to describe REBOL for a "newbie".

My "attitude" is the truth. If you don't like it, you won't like how the world reacts, either. :) More specifically, how the world receives REBOL. I can give you a few examples: "What is it?", "What's it do?", "Where do we...uh..begin?"

I think one of the crucial questions will be answered in deciding how far public REBOL is going to go? To me...from the ignorant-but-NOT-stupid viewpoint, it's really an invisible technology product. I don't mean to say it is 'vaporware', I meant to specifically say it is for the 'invisible branding' sectors of the world more than it is for those who could really use it (for their website CGI (as it doesn't only have to be server-side), for Java-type applications, for Flash-like manifestations, and so forth). And if it's indeed so easy to use...too bad; maybe they should just stick with the third-party level of things and utilize applications written by the know-it-alls and never (dare I say it) innovate by writing something new.

Regarding this mythical "developer's community", to which you say I disrespect, I postulate that REBOL was supposed to turn the average person into such. Is that not part of the plan? Or are we still in the old mentality where 'developers' are somehow the chosen elite popes of God? :)

I'll wait. I'll even try to not comment. If NEW (unfinished) things quit being released or set up. ;-)

24-Mar-2008 13:54:04
Regarding programming, I don't care the colors or graphics of the web page - I just want to google and get the info I need. A cool web page is a minor plus to me.
27-Mar-2008 12:57:42
Where is the link to download R3 from the New R3 home page? I checked and can't find it. The "Downloads" link leads to R2 versions only. Thanks ...
28-Mar-2008 1:09:51

I think that latest release is internal Alpha. You can find older public Alpha here:

We will try to make the link more obvious (probably by linking directly on R3 dedicated page). Thanks for reminder ...

1-Apr-2008 21:15:55
8 years of slow down progress. If you don't understand rebol is dead only by one reason - 5 supporters. After 8 years! Please, let it be more open to people, may be more spontaneous grown, but grown. Even Sun open Java. If you can't manage development process take the chance for others.

I know more then one people who sends email to Sandy for receiving free personal license key. They don't receive any reply, but autoreply.

1-Apr-2008 22:46

are you following recent developments properly.

Those who WANT, contribute. Development is ongoing and pretty vital on r3-alpha AltME world. This is OUR collaboration tool, not some clumsy mail list or forum. And anyone sane a bit would choose such tool to cooperate on development anyday.

If you haven't followed recent developments, as for R2, /shell and /library are now free - no license needed. So what kind of licence key was the user requesting?

And Vitality - View 1.3 interim release fixed more issues in few months than Python 2.4 to 2.5 in 3/4 of a year. R2 development might look as slow, as we could not contribute. But once again - read some R3 architecture docs and you will soon enough realise, that except the main kernel, everything is going to be open-sourced. What else do you want?

So - if someone want to help, you can join the dev team - the code or docs will not be written itself without human dedication ...

9-Jun-2011 4:53:11
rebol is dead... as vitality said. last post from carl on his blog was in march...

this shows how a very nice language will remain unknown because of bad management


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