Comments on: REBOL/Core 2.7 Beta for Mac OSX Intel Architecture
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: REBOL/Core 2.7 Beta for Mac OSX Intel Architecture

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
4-Mar-2008 8:44 GMT

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As you may know, we are planning a release for REBOL and SDK 2.7.6 for this Friday.

Some of you who use Apple OSX systems with Intel CPUs have been interested in trying an Intel native (not PPC) build of REBOL/Core. A test version has been built and uploaded to the REBOL Test Builds area of this website. Go to the OSX (024) directory and sort by date. You will find rebol2705024i, the binary executable (not a tar or gzip) file.

Note that this release is fresh from the oven so has had very little testing. But, again, that's why you want to try it out, right? Not because it's more than 300% faster on your Mac. No, that's not why, is it?

If you find bugs, report them by Thursday, and we can try to get them fixed for the 2.7.6 release on Friday. But, no promises, as we've got quite a bit to do by then (along with our current R3.0 Unicode builds).



4-Mar-2008 1:46:14
Intel version is almost 3 times faster here in a few benchmarks. Thanks. :-)
4-Mar-2008 4:14:40
I posted some benchmarks here.

Note some interesting results for a G4 PPC vs. Rosetta. Memory allocation (or something) is extremely slow on a G4.

Carl Sassenrath
4-Mar-2008 11:46:35
BTW, we may need to change the platform part of the version. Perhaps make it 2.5 (rather than 2.4) -- to identify that it is no longer PPC.
4-Mar-2008 13:59:48
And I just bought a Toshiba instead of a MacBook because I need Rebol to run.....

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