Comments on: REBOL 3.0 Alpha Public Release
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Comments on: REBOL 3.0 Alpha Public Release

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
8-Jan-2008 20:54 GMT

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Have you been curious about REBOL 3.0? Today, through the efforts of the alpha release team, you can now give 3.0 a try.

Historically, the REBOL 3.0 project was defined two years ago, and major design efforts began about a year ago. The first private prototype versions were sent to a few testers in mid-2007, and later with increasing involvement from the REBOL community, we created this public alpha release.

Now, before I link to the URL, there are a few things you should know:

  • It's an alpha, not a beta. So, beware and be nice. It works, but it's not final and you'll find bugs and missing pieces.
  • It's important to read the readme. We kept it short and sweet for that reason.
  • There's no support. Read the readme to find out what we mean.
  • This release includes DocBase alpha too. So, now you can officially access the new REBOL document wiki and help us to build on it in the months ahead.
  • There will be more alphas. This is the first of many. We would like to ship them often. The next alpha will incorporate Unicode, so it's going to be critical to test it carefully.

And finally, I would like to thank the developers who helped make this release happen. In alpha order by area:

  • BrianH, Cyphre, Gabriele, Ladislav - system code, examples, docs
  • Anton, BTiffin, Giuseppe, Gregg, Henrik - examples, docs
  • Maarten - project manager
  • Pekr - executive project evangelist/cheerleader

So, now, the URL:

REBOL 3.0 Home Page




8-Jan-2008 14:20:59
Thanks for the great news. A hearty congratulations to you all.
8-Jan-2008 14:26:19
yuppeeee! let's all proceed towards beta, then 3.0, then ... we buy MS, close it, and then we start bounty to buy Amiga name for Carl :-)
8-Jan-2008 14:36:09
Great ! I have downloaded the archive, and make some quick tests. A "Bizarre" feeling with the new console, but it works, and seems fast. A world to explore ! Thanks to all contributors, congratulations.
8-Jan-2008 14:47:20
Looking at the wiki-- I'm really impressed. A lot of great information all in one place!! This is very satisfying. Great job to the documenters -- lot's to do, but everyone will see the fast payoff of your efforts. Keep up the great work, all.
8-Jan-2008 15:20:10
Oh cool. Wasn't expecting it so soon :)

Astrologically (I'm an astrologer), today was a great day for such a release. Great aspects, and after the New Moon, too. Bodes *extremely* well for success. (and wouldn't you know it--Capricorn like Amiga's name, haha--is this to be Amiga OS in the future?)

More alphas? I never have liked such things, myself. Microsoft puts out software that apparently isn't done, and turns people into beta testers against their will. But then, the quick solution is: wait til final Rebol if one doesn't want to deal with bugs. Personal preference of mine that a company should only ship/deliver (to the public) what is the most finished.

You know, speaking of Amiga (as I mentioned it above in this post; and as -pekr- did, too), Rebol sounds a lot like what Amiga Inc. have been attempting with 'AmigaAnywhere' (aka AmigaDE, aka Amiga OS5). Cross platform facilitator, and so forth. But then, Rebol Technologies has plans for R3 to have a kernel proper and be bootable without being hosted, eh? Some say the heir to Amiga OS is MorphOS, or AROS, or OS4. Maybe it's Rebol. Or maybe it should be (considering things like AltMe, as an example of an app).

Anyway,...congrats Rebol creators! :-) I am happy for you reaching this milestone. Many kudos and cheers.

Brian Tiffin
8-Jan-2008 16:49:29
Go rebols Go!
8-Jan-2008 17:28:08
Excellent! I'm still playing with it but it looks very great for an alpha!
8-Jan-2008 18:41:24
Whoopee!! Looks superb. Well done everyone: Izzy wizzy, let's get busy!
8-Jan-2008 19:50:26
Wow! Spectacular! Great documentation scheme also.
8-Jan-2008 23:19:21
I would like try out rebol3 alpha ?

8-Jan-2008 23:33:43
michal - follow the white rabbit :-)

(In case you had not seen The matrix, just follow the link, which will lead you to - )

9-Jan-2008 1:42:21
Bravissimo !
9-Jan-2008 2:30:16
Only a Windows alpha?



9-Jan-2008 2:32:24
Hi Luis, yes, so far only Windows, but guys got it running on Linux via Wine. Porting process will come a little bit later, once DevBase is released and open-source parts uploaded there.
9-Jan-2008 3:20:06
I've been lurking and waiting for this for, let me see... a while :-)

Great that it is finally out at long last. I'm sure it will be worth it, and at first glance it seems to be quite fast. Looking forward to the day when we can all understand how to use rebol.dll from a range of different hosts and OS's.


- Luke

Rod Gaither
9-Jan-2008 6:47:45
Simply awesome!

I'm as excited about the DocBase part of the alpha as I am about being to play with R3 itself.

Great work and thanks for listening.


9-Jan-2008 7:47:22

I totally like the new asyc socket hadling and what seems to be very capable rendering .. perfect for casual games. Congratulations :)

Gary Price
9-Jan-2008 7:49:14
Has there been any progress on Open Sourcing REBOL/Core?
9-Jan-2008 9:00:53
Gary, what do you mean by open sourcing /Core? The level of open-sourcing R3 was described already several times on few places. In R3, there is rebol kernel called rebol.dll - this is platform independent code, which is not going to be open sourced. All the rest of host code, including stuff as devices, are going to be open-sourced. We just wait for DevBase to be finished and then source-codes will be uploaded there and porting process described (I hope :-)
Gary Price
9-Jan-2008 10:59:30
The trouble is, the Open Source parts are useless without /Core, so they can't become a standard part of most Linux distributions until /Core is also Open Sourced. I would love to be able to "apt-get install rebol" or "yum install rebol" but that just isn't going to happen until /Core is Open Sourced.
9-Jan-2008 11:16:14
Gary, you may be in for a surprise. I'm reviewing the open-source host environment and parts of it look useful on their own.

There is also nothing blocking integration of R3 into common software installation systems, so you could do apt-get and yum - unless, of course, your Linux distro has a policy against supporting closed software. I already built an R3 package for Syllable Server with the (non-published, partial) Linux port.

Gary Price
9-Jan-2008 11:21:45
I'm sure that I could create a .rpm or a .deb, but my point is that if /Core were Open Sourced, it could become a standard part of Debian and Ubuntu and Red Hat. That would make it easier for Linux users to dabble with Rebol (more Rebol programmers!) and it would make it easier to give Rebol scripts to Linux users (no need for them to go through some special install process, they just use their normal package manager to get Rebol going).
9-Jan-2008 11:38:59
The kernel will not be open sourced, but everything else is open, so there should not be any technical limitations to building the necessary packages for inclusion in those Linux distributions. No need for special installs. I know Ubuntu allows non-free software, so this is fully possible. I'm sure REBOL Technologies will gladly accept the help of a package maintainer for inclusion of REBOL in various Linux distributions.
Gary Price
9-Jan-2008 11:51:57
Henrik: That sounds sadly final. Are you saying that a more or less final decision has been made not to Open Source the kernel?
9-Jan-2008 11:55:24
I can't wait to buy a SDK!
9-Jan-2008 13:25:05
Gary, it will absolutely not go open source, but I don't see the technical hindrance in it being packaged through proper channels for use by the Linux community unless we are talking about GPL purists, who wants everything to be open source?
9-Jan-2008 13:33:35
Congratulations on getting REBOL 3 out for the world to play with! And to everyone involved in making it happen, finally: Thank you! (Sadly the blink tag isn't supported ... ;-).

What a great way to start 2008!

Pier Johnson
9-Jan-2008 21:34:33
Great. Well done boys.

Now, what is the URL for the download?

9-Jan-2008 22:25:46


11-Jan-2008 18:12:20
Commercial or print ad for R3 (imagine it): Carl, in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, barefoot, kicking back on a beach at sunset, and sipping some Sassenranch Wine and looking at you above some dark shades/sunglasses. Rebol logo off to the side, placed just above a (rebel) leather jacket that has R3 literature/brochures spilled around it on the beach sand. Clearly on one of the pieces of literature: "R3 now available", and at the bottom of the ad, the slogan "Life Is Good." :-)
12-Jan-2008 5:39:38
Hey Carl, I'll be posting less here (I know, "Yayyy!") :) Because, now, I have EyeAm's Rebel Rant going. You're invited, when you have the time. First post concerns Amiga (as most probably will), and its future (with Commodore).
16-Jan-2008 14:50:14
Congratulations to Carl and the whole team! This is great! I haven't read the whole documentation yet, but what I've seen so far is very impressive, and I can't wait to get to work and start utilizing some of the new features.

Also, I am very much waiting for a Linux alpha, to get serious and upload stuff onto the server.

Keep going ... Elan

17-Jan-2008 9:15:32
Thanks for releasing R3 alpha.

I did find some minor minor issues such as setting up an /examples folder and moving code and .jpg to them, but that's all. Won't bother you with useless feedback.

Great job!

19-Jan-2008 2:43:52
Glad you are still plugging away! :)
24-Jan-2008 0:11:01
Carl, I started a petition for Amiga Inc. to put the Amiga OS on x86-64 architecture. A great platform for Rebol, by the way ;-) Please check it out--would appreciate your support.

Amiga OS on x86-64! - Click Here!

24-Jan-2008 9:37:15
Scratch that, it's over.
20-Nov-2008 22:38:50
20-Nov-2008 22:40:27
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