Comments on: In Memory of Dave Morse, Amiga Co-Founder, 1943-2007
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Comments on: In Memory of Dave Morse, Amiga Co-Founder, 1943-2007

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
8-Nov-2007 8:01 GMT

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David Morse, Amiga Computer's co-founder passed away last week. I will remember him always.

Dave's obituary can be found here.

Dave, was always an inspiration to me... not only from back in the old Amiga days, but in the early days of NTG (3DO), Interactive Partners, and VideoStream, the company we built together. Then, in more recent years, his interest and contribution to my vision of REBOL and IOS.

Dave was my model for how to be cool in business, and I respected him immensely for it. How many meetings I sat and watched Dave in action, or should I say, perfectly timed silence. Dave was the master of the dramatic pause... during a negotiation, purchase, contract. He knew the timing, and what it took to make the deal.

Few people have taught me so much during my life... as a role model and leader. It did not matter if we were presenting our vision to ATT, Time Warner, or Kleiner Perkins in front of Vinod Khosla, Steve Wynn and Michael Milken, Dave was always calm and trusting about it. "We'll do the best we can. If it doesn't work out, there are others who are interested." His calmness was reassuring, and it served as my strength.

Dave was one of those guys who would sit through a board meeting, say almost nothing, then at the end of the meeting would say just one sentence or two, and they would be a perfectly formed gem of thought and plan of action -- the optimal direction for the company, whatever company it was.

Dave, thanks for teaching me so much. Thanks for your trust, and for making so many visions a reality. I will dearly miss you.



8-Nov-2007 3:23:18
It seems a guilty tragedy not to have words for this; or the right words. But I don't (except this feeble attempt). I've been sitting here re-reading the post about Dave Morse having died--and the obituary at the end of that link--and have a profound sadness in strange combination with admiration for his contributions to Amiga (which is/was the only real place I know of him, besides the understanding that he worked with 3DO). I never knew he contributed to Rebol or IOS--probably more along the lines of suggestions and helpful advice, but nonetheless just as valuable as anything.

One of the co-designers of the Amiga Computer.

We will miss him, but we will never miss his impact.

:( Thank you, Dave, for being you and creating the things you did. I certainly benefited from your vision.

Dave McKergan
8-Nov-2007 7:17:47
Another visionary gone to meet the Guru. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

Rest in peace, Dave.

8-Nov-2007 9:16:10
I will remember always a man that makes possible the dream of Amiga.

My condolences to his family.

Goddbye Dave.

8-Nov-2007 10:28:56
R.I.P. Dave Morse.

You will surely be missed.

My sincere and deepest condolences to his family.

8-Nov-2007 16:49:34
From Italy too. A lot of people, frendly user of actuals systems, they will thanks you Dave for geting started. Have a good trip.
9-Nov-2007 0:13:06
R.I.P. Dave Morse
Thanks for your vision and giving us the Amiga.

-The Netherlands

Massimo - Italy
9-Nov-2007 1:12:01
Thanx for Amiga
9-Nov-2007 1:20:15
I was saddened to hear of the loss. I send my heartfelt sympathy to his family.
9-Nov-2007 1:20:27
Goodbye to this big man of the computer age.

Thanks for Amiga

Alessandro G.
9-Nov-2007 1:21:28
3 words; thank you Dave.

R.I.P. Dave Morse

My condolences to his family from Italy

Itbusiness Mario Russo I
9-Nov-2007 1:43:35
Who has allowed the birth of a project Amiga as exciting, That project has enabled millions of generations To approach the world of home computing

The vision of a man, in my every thought.

My condolences to his family.

Itbusiness Mario Russo Italy

Goddbye Dave.

9-Nov-2007 3:05:54
Thank You from Italy
PK - Italy
9-Nov-2007 8:49:08
Thank you for your good job.


Lumby - Denmark
10-Nov-2007 4:19:40
Thank you Dave

You will always be in my memory when I use my Amiga.
My condolences to his family.

Rest in peaces Dave
With love from Denmark

10-Nov-2007 8:38:02
My condolences... Thanks for giving us the Amiga...


André - The Netherlands.

10-Nov-2007 10:18:16
I remember using my foster brothers Amiga back in the mid-80s...he was the one who introduced me to computers with the Commodore VIC-20 back in 1980. The Amiga -- or should I say Commodore Amiga? -- was an amazing computer of its time...this is indeed sad news.
M. Evans
10-Nov-2007 15:45:09
Although I didn't know him, I have certainly been affected by his work. It sounds like a cliché, but it's true: the world is a better place for his having been here. Thank you Dave.

(posted using an Amiga 500)

the born-again Amigan!
10-Nov-2007 19:16:44
this is sad news surely.

yet it is also heart-warming to read Carl's insightful remarks and remembrance about this gentleman.

we are a bunch of lucky guys as Amiga 'know-bies / users' during these years. we are also unfortunate to have lost Jay Miner so early, and now Dave Morse.

both of these great guys could have lived at least another decade or so ... i just hope inevitable sad incidents like this will delay in happening to the Amiga community for a very long time.

Amiga lovers' treasure is not just the Amiga itself, but it's actually the incredibly nice human beings behind this amazing and powerful system; those who made it possible through their caring, enlightened, logical and wise approach to the subject of computing in general.

that is what made something like the Amiga possible!

yes, i did not know this gentleman either, except by references mentioned in the Amiga history articles here or there.

but i know him 'better' now, and he is surely not dead for me or anyone who appreciates it when it comes to using our beloved Amiga system while at the same time thinking how it was made, who made it and why this creation of the Amiga led to such an amazing innovation the likes of which only few others have been able to achieve.

may Dave's soul rest in peace, wherever it is now!

best, ba

11-Nov-2007 2:04:13
Amiga was my first computer. If I'm still in computer business, it's due to this machine and the guys who made it.

R.I.P Dave, and all my condolences to your family and friends.

Didier from France

Marco Cantale
12-Nov-2007 1:25:19
Dave, riposa in pace.
Mark R. Brown
12-Nov-2007 10:35:36
Carl, My sincere sympathies to you and to Dave's family. I only met him once, but I heard many in the industry say what a mentor and excellent role model he had been for them. -Mark R. Brown, Former Editor of INFO Magazine
Luca Garulli
12-Nov-2007 16:32:11
I've spent so much time to learn, program and play with Amiga that David is like an uncle for me...

Thank you very much to have given us, the 1976 generation, very amusing years!

RIP Dave! Luca

Manuel Acosta
16-Nov-2007 16:55:11
I became an Amiga fanatic even before I owned one, just from reading the specs in a magazine.

Thanks for sharing the Amiga with us. Your work let us experience the machine of the future, a future yet to come.

Manuel Acosta from Honduras, Central America

Simone Boscarato
19-Nov-2007 4:29:30
Guru Meditation...
Mark Morse
28-Nov-2007 20:36:43
Wow, As Dave son of course he was a role model and mentor to me. It is amazing how many other lives he effected in such a positive way. Thank you all for your condolences.
Fernando Gomez
27-Dec-2007 10:35:16
Coming in touch with the Amiga during the late eighties back in Spain (first through a magazine, then because I bought an A500 myself) was one of the defining moments of my life.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for the people who made the Amiga happen. It's really sad that one of them has passed away. My sincere condolences to Dave's friends and family.

Luis Alberto Fontaneda [
27-Aug-2010 3:33:35
It is quite painful to face death of a genius. Especially the co-founder of Amiga. Dave, now you'll meet with Jay Miner, and from there you can see the legions of fans that both have created. Thanks for offering Amiga.

Rest in peace Dave Mose and farewell.

Sólver Sólversson
19-Oct-2011 5:24:10
Thank you Dave for all the venerable work you put into the Amiga. You are one of the core procreators of a generation that got to experience the future back in the eighties. My condolences to Dave Morse’s family, friends and The Guru Team.

Kær kveðja: Sólver Sólversson (Reykjavík, Iceland)

Andy Anderson
15-Jun-2012 3:28:47
I am still missing you cousin.
4-Jul-2012 21:58:11
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