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Comments on: Dale Got Married - Amiga Design Team Photo 2007

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
25-Jun-2007 4:55 GMT

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Dale Luck, my old friend and Amiga computer collaborator got married last week, and Dale and Rosemarie have headed out to Kauai for the honeymoon (not to be heard from since.) We all wish them the very best in the years ahead.

This is the first time in a long time that most of the original Commodore Amiga computer design team has been together in one place, so it was worth recording it in a photographic moment:

Original Amiga Design Team - "Reunion", June 2007

Wow. With all that talent in one place, what should we build next?

From left to right, front row:

  • Glenn Keller - HW: Paula chip
  • Dave Needle - HW: Agnus chip, system boards

Back row:

  • Carl Sassenrath - SW: Exec kernel
  • Dale Luck - SW: Graphics (and here, groom)
  • Sam Dicker - SW: Sound
  • RJ Mical - SW: Intuition (GUI)
  • Bob Burns - SW: Printers & input devices
  • Hedley Davis - HW: "Representing" Commodore

The above photo is public domain, and you are free to use or publish it accordingly. Here is a higher resolution copy: Amiga Team 2007. (Thanks Caryn and Glenn!)

And, to be complete...

It is common to find historic accounts of the Amiga Computer that are not complete. To avoid that happening here, I should mention the other members of the team that had important roles in the design, but are not pictured above:

  • Jay Miner - HW: Team leader, Agnus chip (deceased)
  • David Dean - HW: Denise chip
  • Bob Pariseau - SW: Team leader
  • Neil Katin - SW: Devices
  • Jim Mackraz - SW: Graphics, devices
  • Bart Whitebook - SW: Graphics

(Of course, this list is just the engineering team, and there were many others who helped make Amiga possible.)

The location

The location of the photo is the Pulgas Water Temple, the source entry point of water for San Francisco and surrounding areas. To quote the website:

San Francisco built Pulgas Water Temple as a monument to the engineering marvel that brought Hetch Hetchy water more than 160 miles (258 KM) across California from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Bay Area. The Hetch Hetchy Project had taken 24 years to build through the Great Depression at a cost of $102 million.



26-Jun-2007 7:30:22
I'm more curious about those shoes that Carl is wearing.

26-Jun-2007 8:36:24
It seems did have a lot of fun :-).


26-Jun-2007 9:02:16
The joke of the year! Rj looks dressed like for funeral,wrong planet? Who fell into water,tell us!
Andreas Magerl
26-Jun-2007 9:29:18
great :)

26-Jun-2007 9:49:14
Can i add this,somewhere on your websites(sassenranch?)is a photograph from 1985 but resolution is too low to be used as desktop wallpaper like the new one is now on MY computer.Could you re-scann?
26-Jun-2007 10:29:41
Too bad its not for doing Amiga OS 5.0 and so on. Thanks for the picture Carl, what about releasing your Amiga books in pdf ? :)


26-Jun-2007 11:26:14
Nice to see that they all are still good friends. :-) - the Amiga Community

26-Jun-2007 15:46:22
Hey guys, do it again. PLEASE :-)
26-Jun-2007 18:14:13


26-Jun-2007 18:30:32
Wow, what great memories - for you, and us old-Amigans!

All the best to Dale and Rosemarie!

26-Jun-2007 19:14:12
You guys Rock !!

Congrats to Dale & Rosemarie

26-Jun-2007 20:16:15
What these brains could do TODAY ... unbelieveable ;)

Very nice to see them standing happy together.

Do they really know, how big sized is this community of Amiga loving freaks to today?

;) ;) ;) ;)

26-Jun-2007 22:15:28
You guys are my favorite band. How about a new album? Seriously, a nice looking group. More info on what evrybody's been up to would be interesting to most of us.
26-Jun-2007 23:34:05
Thanks for giving us the best computer ever! Greetings from Rome, Italy
27-Jun-2007 0:14:34
be happy! from Russia with love :)
27-Jun-2007 0:31:54
Congratulations and all the best wishes!

Amiga, 3DO, M2, .. wow! Give these people some funding and they will design a Cell/PS3 killer ;-)

Greetings from Germany!

27-Jun-2007 2:20:06
Nice to see the "reunion" of the old amiga-gang ;)

I'm still waiting for your next Release... the AMIGA 5000! :)

Greetz from Germany, Brork [ ]

27-Jun-2007 5:24:01
Thanks for all guys :) Greetings from Italy [] :)
Darth 007
27-Jun-2007 7:14:29
Amiga 5000 now! Too bad for PS3!
Carl Sassenrath
27-Jun-2007 8:39:23
Thanks all.

I will look around for those Amiga group photos I took in 1985 and upload them for you.

A5000 - I like the sound of that...

27-Jun-2007 10:22:04
really disturbing... RJ always so class, Carl always so cool ;)
27-Jun-2007 11:34:02
Greetings from Italy, too! :)
27-Jun-2007 14:13:44
chaos lives in this grain of sand :)
Zontrox ( Pedro )
27-Jun-2007 15:42:12
Great to the you all together. Made my heart feel in peace. I mean it. It's always great to see good friends all together. :)

Best of Luck do Dale and Rosemarie and all of you.

Greetings from Lisbon

* Only Amiga Makes it Possible *

27-Jun-2007 16:06:34
Pioneers that stole so much time of my youth! It was the best computer ever and only Be Inc. showed a glimpse of somthing similar up to date - unfortunately with a short lifetime. Will there ever come something similar? Or will the world be flooded with standard "PCs"? I'm so sad I sold my original Amiga 1000 ...
27-Jun-2007 16:52:44
Congratulations Dale!

What a design great team that was. You guys should be proud to have created the best computer ever made. (posted using an Amiga 500)

27-Jun-2007 16:56:07
The above typo was the fault of my defective brain, not the Amiga 500. ;)

I meant to say, "What a great design team that was." :)

27-Jun-2007 18:01:25

Great picture and very good to see you guys all together again.

All the best to Dale and his bride! Congrats!!!


Zontrox ( Pedro )
27-Jun-2007 19:59:14

just saying that don't forget, time permitting of course, to tell everyone ( here and in ) when you post those Amiga group pictures from '85, in case you still have them. Sorry for just posting this. :P

R.J - Sweden
28-Jun-2007 1:14:49
Now these were the goodwill ambassadors of computing. Thank you *all* for making the best crossplatform, king-of-emulators multitasking *nix-clone ever! Like 15 years ahead of it's time... Best of joy and luck(!)full wishes to Dale and the rest of the team.

intuition inside! ;)

30-Jun-2007 15:06:57
What a nice surprise! :-)

As for your question, Carl--"Wow. With all that talent in one place, what should we build next?"--let's talk about that, shall we? :-D

Ten to one you can guess what I've got in mind.

1-Jul-2007 19:31:54
I've heard that Exec's source is a remarkable piece of asm art. And I'd be very curious to see what did Intuition look like.

So many years passed... I'm sure nobody will ever sue you for sharing it with us! So, please, go ahead and do it!

2-Jul-2007 14:23:07
Best wishes to Dale and Rosemarie from bavaria/germany.

What a good reason to meet all those guys...

3-Jul-2007 0:51:36
Congrats to Dale & Rosemarie !!!

Absolutely Fantastic to see the original Amiga Team that changed and defined the world of computers, together again......


Greetings from India ;)

3-Jul-2007 5:51:14
Thanx God I was born in '70 so in the '80 I've been so luky to use the best computer ever made. Now I'm sick & tired with my peecee. No fun at all. Thanx for make a dream come true: Amiga.

Ciao from Italy

3-Jul-2007 7:23:56
Congrats to Dale and Rosemarie !!!

Thankyou for the best computer (Amiga) ever. I wish we would have seen more of the Amiga computer. I really love the sound of A5000. Could you make it happen? Please?

Greetings from Sweden!

Matt Parsons
3-Jul-2007 16:26:15
Congrats to Dale and Rosemarie!!!!!!!!!

It's great to see the guys that got me into computing!!!

10-Jul-2007 23:50:42
Great Picture.. good to see you guys..

Amiga 5000... could be nice :)

Greetings from Denmark

17-Jul-2007 0:48:30
Didn't you miss out Dave Haynie and a few others on the (not in photo) list?
RJ Mical
19-Jul-2007 5:49:41
Man, those guys just keep getting more and more handsome as the years go by.

I like the idea of an A5000. We're putting the band back together! Heh heh heh...


21-Jul-2007 2:39:42
Hey Bernie,

Blast from the past: "...a complete disassembly of the Amiga 1.2 "exec", as found on a kickstart disk for an Amiga 1000."

3-Aug-2007 4:19:37
Was that really R.J. ?
22-Aug-2007 15:47:28
I'm quite young and I was a kid when I got my first Amiga computer. You people not only made an awesome computer, it was more than that. Your work was so good that it was able to help us who were kids to develop our full potential, and to create an awesome comunity of users around it, the most supporting, innovative and friendly user community never a commercial product had.

Thanks to you all for that.

David Brunet
3-Sep-2007 6:57:14
Really impressive team with really impressive works. Thanks guys !

And thanks to Carl to have accepted an interview for my magazine :

Fran Lee
13-Sep-2007 7:21:22
I have to find out from a blog that Dale got married! Send me e-mail/address/phone, please. Congratulations are in order! Fran Lee (old friend from 3DO); hi RJ; Greetings from South Dakota; flee(at)

26-Sep-2007 6:22:03
They seem normal people in a normal photo. Beware casual new generation reader, if you didn't experience the Amiga at the time: they just seem so.

Greetings from Italy and congratulations to Dale & wife.

João Ralha
24-Oct-2007 9:42:41
I don't know personally any of the people in the photo, but what they brought to my life in the form of the Amiga has made the best years of my life...

Best of wishes to all and specialy to Dale & Rosemarie...

Greetings to the original Amiga Team from Portugal - wherever they may be!

2-Nov-2007 6:18:55
You guys rock!

Thanks for the Amiga! Thanks for everything!

Double luck to Dale Luck and Rosemarie!

Carl - you're the man!

24-Dec-2007 9:18:36
What a dream team !! many thanks for this great work with Amiga computers. Hope one day for an A5000, it'll make some fun.

greetings from France

an amiga user

Timo Paul
27-Dec-2007 7:30:15
Hello from England and Japan! It is great to see the team together again that made the best computer ever, thanks to you guys I had the best time learning about computers, music and graphics. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Luck! Now guys when you gonna release the next Amiga so I can get off this bloody Mac ;) Still using my old A500 and A1200, congrats once again guys on changing so many people`s lives! A fellow Amigan
Doug Merritt
5-Jun-2008 13:55:38
Hi Dale!

Just noticed this page. Congrats again to you and Rosemarie!

Evren Ozcan
28-Jul-2008 9:16:05
Congrats to Dale & Rosemarie very nice to see most of them standing happy together. Thanks for the glory years..
Andrea Peck
12-Oct-2008 14:37:05
Gosh, it's been years! So great to see a photo of what you guys look like these days.
8-Dec-2008 2:01:35
Article about Dale Luck and his arcade games machines collection here:

Henrik Högberg, Sweden
1-Jan-2009 13:37:03
Thank you for what you accomplished with the Amiga and all it gave us inm form of joy and friendships. I would never have met two of my best friends if the Amiga never had existed. Thank you. And congratulations to you Dale on your marriage. Take care.
Alan Peery
17-Jan-2009 16:16:48
The first computer I ever owned was an Amiga 1000. Thanks for helping me start on an ever-enjoyable road.
Nuno Cardoso ,Portugal
3-Feb-2009 16:19:36
Very rarely write comments on sites, but couldn't resist the urge to type some words here. It's amazing to see that your creation changed the lives of so many people! If only your 'baby' had a better company taking care of 'her'.... the world would definitely be a much better place :)

Thank you for all the joy!

Sergio N
20-Apr-2009 14:27:37
It's never too late to say congratulations Dale and Rosemary!

Thanks for sharing the picture with all Amigans!

The best wishes go out to all of you Amiga geniuses!

Greets from Mexico!

11-May-2009 3:26:27
the best computer ever made,I love it becouse that machine had magic
The Duke
17-Jul-2009 6:52:55
The Amiga was an amazing machine. Great to see pics of the guys who put it together, shame that Jay Miner is no longer with us.
11-Sep-2009 10:34:36
Came across this by accident via a Facebook search result. It's bittersweet to read all these great & gracious comments and think of others who have passed. RIP Bob "Rob" Peck -- I still quote your method of squeezing documentation out of coders as an example of selfless tenacity.
1-Oct-2009 16:48:34
Very nice!
12-Nov-2009 3:44:44
Great photos.

Thanks for years of fun.

Amigan since 1985.

Joe Shaara
14-Nov-2009 18:58:34
Congratulations Dale! I think of you often when I punch my metal garage door, to make me remember the correct intonation for the Boing Ball.

Seriously, with the proper funding, could a truly giant step in computing be made in this day and age? Have there been too many great strides made in computers, or could an Amiga 5000 truly dominate them all? You gentlemen are the only ones in the world who could do it, if it could be done. This is a serious question, if any of you have the time to answer it.

I have had two Amiga1000s, and four Amiga 2000s. You gentlemen (and Jay) are greatest there ever was.

Joe Shaara paxtecum3(at)

Paul K.
18-Jul-2010 13:12:31
I just stumbled upon this website, while I'm doing a video-edit about the history about the Amiga. We are going to have a big 25 Years of Amiga celebration in The Netherlands at 24th of July (next weekend).

Today it got into this thought; I'm a 35 years old adult, in the strength of his life, owning two companies of my own and I still feel so connected with the Amiga. I have no idea where that strength is coming from.

Seeing all the footage I've gathered throughout the years about the core development team (history of Amiga), Commodore (Haynies Deathbed Vigil), the interviews with RJ Mical, speeches of Jay, etc. It feels like I've mist a very interesting era of computer science where there was space and possibility to build a whole computer from scratch with a small team including an operating system and so on. Pioneering...

On the 24th of July 2010 we will have a drink on all of you, you gave us a special thing during our youth, that still lives on in our minds today (2010).

Thanks very much,

Paul K.

1-Aug-2010 10:19:58
Surely the greatest computer ever made. I still use mine for everything )scanning, Image processing (Art Department Pro), printing (TurboPrint) etc. etc. THE BEST! Forget Windoze and PC's!
Nicholas John-Joseph Tay
3-Oct-2010 19:14:58
Can't thank you all enough. You've helped me so much and I hope that my dreams will come true too as yours did. Especially since it was the fruit of your dreams that have made my dreams possible. Could kiss you all for all you have done. Rest in peace Jay, and I hope your doggy is ok. Nick
Former M$er
1-Nov-2010 7:26:26
I learned a lot about the history of the Amiga today via happenstance, landing firstly on a Google video of Jay Miner addressing a Texan computer club in 1989.

Learning of his struggle with kidney disease and death just five years later at the age of 62 made me very sad and wonder what more he could have accomplished if he had been given another twenty years.

I am also sad because I grew up during the Amiga's heyday and understood its potential, but I nevertheless realized that the IBM PC was going to be the future business machine and the one on which to bet my career.

So, now, most all of us suffer IBM-legacy PCs crippled by Microsoft's inferior OSes and apps.

What a waste.

Finally, keep the history updated and online, so that others may learn from and be inspired by it. Every little photo and every little story help fill in the gaps. Thanks to all of you for your fantastic contributions!

Marcel Franquinet
11-Jul-2011 14:22:03
Message to you geniuses; please get in touch with the NetAmi and FPGAarcade team and get the Amiga back to us by supporting their efforts.
Pierluca Maltese
3-Feb-2013 2:33:17
Thanks for the best computer ever...

Greetings from Modica, Sicily, Italy

18-Sep-2013 3:22:48
If we can Shoehorn Linux onto it, then I'll be able to run it up the flagpole and push the button on that.
spence Robinson
3-Nov-2014 12:58:55
One thing i wish Commodore was still around today, with Carl and Rj still doing their thing, the machines would proberly be so powerful.
David Payne
23-Apr-2016 6:50:17
RIP Dave Needle who died April 20, 2016.

It must be just a co-incidence that the Wikipedia page for the region of Lorraine lists two fauna, one of them Lynx. Atari picked that name so I assume it wasn't an injoke.

David Payne
23-Apr-2016 9:35:43
Sorry, I got the month wrong. Dave passed away on FEBRUARY 20, 2016.

I notice that he and fellow Amiga chip designer both adopted the beard without moustache popular in the 18th century but since mainly worn by Celts, Amish, Hasidic Jews, Mormons and British naval Officers. (I think Jay served in an American coast guard.)

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