Comments on: My DevCon Presentation
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: My DevCon Presentation

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-May-2007 23:22 GMT

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I have published my REBOL DevCon 2007 presentation here:

To run it, click show07 and then select talk1, talk2, or talk3 from the file requestor. (On windows, be sure to unzip it first.) Press the space bar or error keys to advance through the slides.

This zip can be linked from the DevCon archive site (once that has been setup).



Brian Tiffin
20-May-2007 18:14:42
Thanks Carl.

Very nice. And pretty motivating.

John Niclasen
21-May-2007 7:08:46
Thanks, Carl!

Many good things in there. I'm looking forward to do new developments with this.

Dave Cope
21-May-2007 8:36:12
Count my vote of thanks too.
Brian Hawley
21-May-2007 11:25:10
Thanks, Carl! Your upcoming developments look interesting. I look forward to REBOL 3.
François Jouen
23-May-2007 4:52:35
Conferences are online including Carl's talks regards
24-May-2007 8:30:51
Tried the vids, keeps on disconnecting.
25-May-2007 6:30:18
Working now, set the QT prefs to use HTTP... :)
25-May-2007 7:00:41
If you try starting it from the View console, (instead of the Viewtop) you'll get this error:
>> do %show07.r
Script: "Slideshow Presenter" (none)
** Script Error: size? expected target argument of type: file url
** Where: reform
** Near: 511 + size? system/options/script

To fix it I changed this line:

vh3 200 "File size:" vh3 gold reform [round (511 + size? system/options/script) / 1024 "K"] return

to this:

vh3 200 "File size:" vh3 gold reform [round (511 + size? file) / 1024 "K"] return

27-May-2007 5:52:02
can you put direct URLS up as some people prefer to use 3rd party video apps, like MPC and VLC and its a pain having to save and manually look at the URL to then load it up.

thanks for the effort and no direspect but the AVC encoding doesnt seem to be done very good as the bitrate is creating blockyness, any chance of a better re-encode with x264 and a good bitrate, 500k/s or better perhaps?.

providing the original content is recorded in a good quality and bitrate i assume

27-May-2007 5:54:31
a simple rebol 3.0 AVC video 3rd party code sample might be a very good thing too, then it could be simple and inspire other AVC video control,encoding and playback...
1-Jun-2007 8:51:08
"Press the space bar or error keys to advance through the slides."

I think you mean 'arrow' keys :)

David den Haring
24-May-2009 10:07:01

I noticed that show07.r (or anything like it) is in the script library.

It's a great little makedoc-like utility that would be a good addition to the library.

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