Comments on: That Pesky Bobcat
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Comments on: That Pesky Bobcat

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
18-May-2007 22:44 GMT

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I've got a bobcat problem. No, I'm not talking about a new Firefox plugin or OS X release, but one of those living, sharp toothed felines that's native to North America. Yes, I admit they are good looking, but they are also a lot of trouble.

For the last few months, every night at around 1 AM, we hear loud feet running across our roof chasing our house cat. We've long suspected it's not an ordinary cat, judging by the loud savage snarling sounds it makes.

Last night, at about that same time, I hear the usual commotion going on (it wakes up the family), and I happen to get the outside lights on while the bobcat is paused in front of the glass door. Because it is so fast, it is a rare occasion to actually get to see the cat up close.

If you are unfamiliar, a bobcat looks a like this (from Wikipedia archive):

Stock Photo (wikipedia)

except that ours is full grown, almost no spots, and about twice that size. I would estimate he's a meter long and about 30-40 lbs (about 15-20Kg). But, it still has the black tipped tail, the way we distinguish it from the local panthers (mountain lions).

So far, this bobcat has snacked on two of our house cats (and perhaps three as of last night) and eight of our chickens. He likes to kill just about everything of that size, including wild turkeys, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, possums, timber rats, etc. Now, you might think of that as an advantage, and to some degree it is, but the problem is this: he doesn't eat the field mice. It only takes a few months before you get overrun with mice -- the reason for the house cats -- which he likes to eat. (Cats eating cats. That just sounds wrong to me.)

He even chased away this friendly peacock (that stopped by to check out REBOL 3.0 progress three weeks ago.)

Peacock visits the ranch

Last night, I stayed awake thinking about what to do about the bobcat. I finally concluded that I should catch him in a trap and drive him an hour into the distant mountains to let him continue his wild ways. I think catching him should be easy, but releasing him will be more of a challenge. He might be a bit moody and unreasonable from the drive. Also, two years ago I smacked him square in the gut with a brick. It must have hurt, but he just glared at me like I was next on his dinner list. Maybe he'll remember that incident.

If anyone has any other experience or advice about dealing with these animals, please let me know.



18-May-2007 23:28:01
Carl your one of few who is lucky enought to have a peacock or bobcat in his backyard.. So im sorry but i can only give you advice on how to catch a bicycle thief.. And if you still are searching for a another Rebol name then 'Bobcat' is a nice reminder..Rebol/Bobcat... Enjoy the hunt ;-)
19-May-2007 1:43:33
Haha, cool article, really :-) Ads dimension to R3 release. We are all humans, with our social environemnt. I should post photo of my dog.

cheers, Petr

19-May-2007 2:28:22
Pekr, dog was hiding from the bobcat? Under that towel? Carl, about getting rid of it i have no idea. Lucky mouses :(

About photos - could you build a trap with a camera and a flashlight? Maybe you get some :)

(could be controlled by rebol, if i think about it^^)

Dave Cope
19-May-2007 6:48:29
Natural predators of bobcats include cougars, coyotes and wolves. Maybe bring one of those in. :-) They might leave Felix domesticus alone too!
19-May-2007 14:21:42
... and then all you need are a few apache warriors, and the show may begin! Get it all on the rebol controlled camera, please!


20-May-2007 8:51:55
Save your urine and place it around the perimeter of your home. Don't know if it works for bobcats but my father-in-law drove off his mole problem doing it.
Anton Rolls
20-May-2007 20:39:54
I think the Bobcat would remember the brick incident.
20-May-2007 23:03:47
the bobcat may be more of a pain now because it is spring and has kittens. trapping any bobcat will be hard. an old one harder still.

if you do decide to try and trap it, use catnip to help make it reckless enough to be caught.

22-May-2007 3:27:25
One can purchase an electric fence that could be installed to say, the roof perimeter, or even around the yard. See There are probably some in the USA, but if not, they don’t weigh much.

Roof or ladder work is not for everyone, by the way. A fall from the roof.... Just put it around the yard or the bastard will be coming through the bloody windows next!

Peacocks are bad news. They too are noisy at night, and they also like roofs. Except they like to stay on the roof. Peacock droppings are so corrosive they will ruin a metal or painted roof. Never encourage peacocks, except maybe as bait.

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
22-May-2007 8:02:22
isn't it possible to call wildlife officials about it?

IIRC that is the kind of thing they do, (relocation) when some animals become a threat to people...

if its running on your roof, you can argue that its getting dangerous to you and your kids!

22-May-2007 11:18:45
We used to shoot them...but that was Colorado 35 years ago. Don't think they'd take kindly to that in California. A friend of our caught one several years back in a trap. Don't recall the kind of trap. It was a young one that they gave to a zoo as I recall. I agree with tomc. Catching him may be pretty difficult. I don't think they are particularly smart, just extremely skittish and wary around the smell of humans.
23-May-2007 12:09:34
27-May-2007 13:33:57
I agree with Maxim. California can get pretty picky about how you treat wildlife, and that's before the feds get involved. I would contact county animal control or your nearest state university's biology/agriculture program.

28-May-2007 16:43:56
Good luck! I have been trying to trap one on my property for 6 months. He has killed 20 pet ducks and geese. He is not frightened of humans. Hunts during the day and grabbed one of my female geese while I was 50 feet away. I see him at least once a week and often with a freshly killed duck in his mouth.
Carl Sassenrath
29-May-2007 18:51:25
Tomc: I've tried to catch it, but I think the have-a-heart trap is too small for it to enter. Been thinking about renting a larger trap.

Alf: I've been considering an electric fence idea at the roof line. Also, on Peacock: It is quite noisy. And, yes we do have a metal roof, so that could be a problem too. Thanks for the info. I'm surprised the bobcat hasn't eaten it.

Rhonda: A local trapper recommended using a live rabbit as trap bait. He said it works pretty well. But, if I did that, my daughter would never forgive me.

30-May-2007 1:09:02
Move to Silicon Valley.
John Bramble
30-May-2007 23:27:54
If you are going to try and trap it, you might want to check out some of the products used to cover up human scent at your local hunting stores. You can also purchase portable sound systems to play animal sounds (like a wounded rabbit cry) that may attract the predator. If you do trap it, you should leave it to an animal control officer to pick up, transport, and release. They are very dangerous in a cage. An alternative to the electric fence are electric mats used to discourage raccoons and opossums from coming onto porches. They have rubber backings, and so could easily be placed on your roof. A pair of domestic dogs free to chase the cat are the most effective way to keep the cat away (if you can't shoot it). Avoid coyotes because they will eat your pet cats.
27-Jun-2007 4:54:33
Well with regards to your a camera and start popping off pics of this lovely animal. While he might be a pain in the you know what...... he is just trying to survive. These animals are territorial, and have quite the range in which they travel. Oh and keep your house cat inside..hehe.. This is to John Bramble..Why would you shoot the bobcat? And I bet animal control will just kill the cat and not release him/her. (at)Rhonda..sorry about your "pet ducks and geese"..but seems like your just putting out the buffet for the bobcat and other animals to feed....

Carl if you make the your enviroment ie your house an unpleasent place for the bobcat..he or she will learn in time not to get too close. So everytime the bobcat is on your outside and scream, fire a shotgun in the air, or use a water will work. It might take some time. Good luck.

If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat then try keeping your cat in for a month..just to see how the bobcat reacts. Well good luck..

8-Jul-2007 11:59:39

You'd better call the authorities and let them handle it. We've got lots of coyotes and an occasional bobcat though I've only seen them on the road and unless they "happen" to get in front of your car, you can't touch em. That being said, I've caught five skunks in my garage and shipped them out to a neighborhood far far away. (NO, not skunk heaven, just a miles down the road).

30-Jul-2007 5:15:31
So what ever happened to the Bobcat?
19-Sep-2007 7:33:27
I am wondering also...whatever became of the bobcat? My lil feline we assume was eaten by a bobcat. We haven't seen our cat Marzipan in 3 weeks now and just didn't think other felines would eat smaller ones. But your story provided some other cases of it happening. Good luck.Beautiful peacock!
3-Oct-2007 15:46:48
what ever you do dont kill it. try to contasct a big cat adoption and try to get the bobcat a nice home!!!
3-Oct-2007 15:47:16
what ever you do dont kill it. try to contact a big cat adoption and try to get the bobcat a nice home!!!
cody from oklahoma
9-Nov-2007 21:14:07
get a trap 2& 1 half feet tall and in the back put a little piece of chicken wire and place it right behind the triger you know the thing the animal steps on and you should have a area about a foot big put a chicken in there and you should catch him withen 2 days we catch them like this all the time good luck
17-Jan-2008 21:09:25
lol, you smacked it with a brick. I don't actually think your going to get attacked especially not mauled but its going to scare the hell out of you and make you remember! Releasing anything out of a trap can be a little edgy. Dude your safe and its ok but just accept that is going to scare you to death. P.S. Your average domestic cat can jump over 8 feet vertically now go release that Bobcat that's about twice the size.
20-Mar-2008 20:50:29
The peacocks roost in our trees, poop all over the patio, eat our vegies and plants, and attack their reflections in the sliding doors. Their poop is enormous! Oh yeah, and they scream back and forth at all hours. We don't put out food, nor do we have cat or dog food out. I would try an electric fence, but the durn things fly. Is there a way to trap them and move them to a park where they would actually be appreciated?
21-Mar-2008 13:31:20
If a bobcat were to attack a domestic cat, would it eat it or leave wound marks behind? I found my cat dead and it's leg was torn and there were gashes in its side, but whatever did it did not seem to be trying to eat it. I also found large cat tracks in my yard so I am thinking I have a bobcat, but I was not sure if it could be a coyote or fox. I have two other outdoor cats and I am concerned for their safety and not sure what I should do. Any suggestions?
9-Jul-2008 23:58:34
i have a trap set up to catch a bobcat around my place as we speek this bobcat is about 2 years old but its huge for how young it is but if i have any luck catching it il let u no
5-Sep-2008 22:20:31
I have a bob cat that is working through my chicken polulation each night and has unsuccessfully tried for the peacocks. The peacocks evidently have better night vision than the chickens because the cat keeps comeing down from the tree empty mouthed. I love cats but I really would like for this one to live somewhere else. Has anyone tried those contraptions that emmit a sound like a cougar? Do they work? It would be worth the $150 bucks if I could get this cat to move down the road a bit. I'd like to get rid of the coyotes too but at least they don't climb trees.
21-Sep-2008 17:56:14
I have neighbors that have seen a bobcat within 100ft of my house . One neighbor has lost his whole flock of chickens to a fisher last year and now this big puddy cat has moved into the neighborhood...My two cats are free to roam my fenced yard , one is content to stay inside , the other always finds a way out if I don't keep an eye on her...mice are the reason for the cats and TWO grandkids are the reason for the TWO cats...$500.00 in vet bills for having them FIXED and the tracking ID and meds etc.....It Seems farm cats are less succeptable to attack than house cats ( my neighbor with horses has a dozen of them) ....Now I'm beginning to think that the mice aren't really that much of a problem , they only move in durring the cold winter months ....
25-Sep-2008 1:39:17
Terry above said, "Move to Silicon Valley". Nope, won't work, I live in Silicon Valley, and just saw one on my patio! It's late at night, and it ran across the patio, and boy, it's footsteps were loud! We've also found dead feral domestic cats around here sometimes, and they were mostly eaten down to the bone. I thought it was Coyotes, but now I think it was the Bob Cat. If you figure out how to get them to leave, let me know too!
1-Oct-2008 17:58:55
oh my ........I have had 2 of my cats killed by what we think is a bobcat..Just last night my 2nd cat... was attacked and I can't stop hearing that sound. This bobcat has to go...thank you for helping me realize I'm not the only one this has happened to and fill your stress. Did you catch it?
miss i-hate-bobcats!!!!!
13-Nov-2008 5:28:21
God D*&%#% bobcats! one killed 2 of my cats too. I was really attached to my cats... ive had over 15 nightmares where: i watch my cats die over and over again, see them dead, finding out thet're dead over and over again, etc. i cried CONSTANTLY 4 months after they were eaten! I'm a vedgetarian (embarassing, but true) and don't eat meat because i feel guilty eating animals, but I considered getting a bowhunters license (i have a parker bow i use only for target practice) so i could have the pleasure of killing it myeself!!!! I swear i didnt make this up i loved my cats more than my parents!!!! (i was alot younger when it happened.) HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO KILL THOSE GOD D#$%$^ BOBCATS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
1-Dec-2008 14:54:31
Great that you want to trap it and let it go but there comes a time when you throw some raw meat out set up an infra red light and when it comes to get dinner......shoot it.
Robert Tucker
27-Jan-2009 13:34:49
Was awakened last night to a gawdawful sound i thought farther away but when i opened the glass door, there it was. i turned on the floodlights and yelled at it, but it stood its ground, unfazed. I've got small pets and head out into the dark neighborhood of our canyon home at 5 each morning for a run. what should i do: i'd like to have a gun and shoot the menacing beast with buckshot, but i don't. Guess i should call animal control. any suggestions?
Steve G
22-Feb-2009 14:35:38
found two on back porch that came through a kitty door about two weeks ago. Now I'm five cats short! Not hide or hair! Going to night vision scope with lazer sight on 22 rifle!
Tom Lowe
28-Feb-2009 22:11:15
People assume in their vanity that a missing cat is a dead cat, else it would be at home. But many missing cats left home permanently on purpose for one reason or another, and with these bobcat incidents one should try to consider the possibility that their cat ceded its territory to the bobcat and left. Any smart cat would surely consider that option over being eaten.
Leslie J
7-Mar-2009 12:15:47
- A bobcat ate my cat Aug2008 and left the head, spine, legs and tail as evidence. I buried her in our yard, but still miss her. We live in a small city in CA and the bobcat continues to terroize our remaining cat.

- An animal control person told me to use 3 traps (Have a Heart. Optional to use live or dead chicken in the middle trap. Put one of the other traps on each side of the trap with the bait. Then we'll drive the bobcat a LONG.... way away from domestic animals.

- I'm trying to buy the traps inexpensively. I borrowed one from a friend.

Leslie J
7-Mar-2009 12:18
Oh, animal control guy said bobcat will fit in a trap about 1 foot high by 2 feet long.
Mike A.
29-Mar-2009 20:43:28
Final score: Bobcat got two Geese.....I got one bobcat (22cal rifle). Good luck to ya'll with your bobcat problems. (P.S. It took three weeks of staying out on the porch {in full camo} till about 1:30am). I still have three geese left.
Brian C
15-Jun-2009 22:02:30
My cat got snagged on July 11th 2009. She was the best. I looked everywhere always thinking it was a bobcat here in Arizona's desert. Today I found some blood on the my wall and followed blood stains for over 2 miles until it hits the desert area where it probably took my baby to feed her babies. I'm no animal activist. I bought the highest powered pellet gun and plan to track down the bobcat and possibly its liter and kill them all, with a club, rocks, pellet gun, knife, and whatever else it takes. Animal activists, I love animals too, but if you kill one of mine, I'm gonna kill one or more of yours. End of story. If you call what it did to my cat nature, then I call what I'm gonna do to the bobcats nature, last time I checked we're at the top of the food chain and I plan on staying there.
2-Aug-2009 18:25:18
Garcia, bobcat tracks are often mistaken for fox or coyote tracks. the difference is bobcat tracks are wider than they are long. they are about 2.5 in wide and 2.0 long. the major giveway is that there are no claw marks in front of the toe prints which are wider than fox or coyote prints. i hope this helps
John B.
11-Aug-2009 22:07:13
Don't go after a bobcat with a pellet gun. Usually, they will just injure the animal. Aim to put the bobcat down, don't just wound it. If you kill the one offending animal, the others will usually stay away (at least for a couple of years). If you don't have any hunting or predator control experience, leave it to the animal control officers.
Melinda Miles
12-Aug-2009 19:50:46
If you shoot a bobcat or coyote, more will come trust me. That is not the way to control the population or problem. Also if you trap it and take it away it can come back, they have a pretty far range of travel or they will just become another persons problem. The best solution is to keep your pets inside and if you cannot then you will need to learn to live with the laws of nature.
25-Aug-2009 16:00:55
Brian C., awesome comment. I never would have thought I would agree until we moved into a new house (urban non-new construction) and my two cats were snatched from their own house. My family does not tolerate murder for survival. Esp. after it chased my thirty pound dog through the pet door and into my house. Hell no. I have a two month old. Screw that bobcat. My pets and my child are more important than your lazy butt. There are plenty of rabbits and armadillos to be had in the area. Just got a reason to learn to shoot a gun! Bad thing is, we live right by a playground and this creature is not scared. Animal control won't do anything. Acts like this creature deserves to live more than us. It isn't noble just because it isn't domesticated. Sheesh! Lets just wait until it has rabies and maims a kid. That's responsible!
21-Sep-2009 9:30:18
Brian C., please, PLEASE, don't go after the bobcat with a pellet gun, you're going to just PISS it off. Talk to friends and co-workers, I'm sure there are some that are hunters, or have a gun they'll either come do it for you or loan you. I have recently moved into a new place, we left early one morning to run errands, when we got back I found a chicken out running the property. When I checked the coop, feathers every where, something had gotten into the coop, I thought dog, coyote, racoon, we only lost one chicken, the other two managed to get out and hide. This morning my wife was looking out the window while eating her breakfast and saw what she called a Lynx, now while we don't have lynx in Texas, we do have some big bobcats. I only have a .22 with hollow points which is fine for taking care of opossums and racoons, but a bobcat...I'm heading for the local pawn shop and seeing about getting something with a bit more kick. Brian, I know that you posted that a few months back, I hope you didn't go after it.
4-Oct-2009 20:00:45
We have had a bobcat in the back yard for 3 months. We have called ANIMAL CONTROL and they even said it is almost impossible to catch one. We have been putting chicken in the cage and apples and pears. All are gone and he or she gets out of the cage. What is that all about? Cage too small...I will call for a bigger cage. I think it eats the food, and backs out of the cage. Too long or too big for this cage size. Any ideas on a better kind of food to put in the cage?
14-Nov-2009 21:18:51
I say just shoot it. But if you want to trap it, put a can of tuna fish in there. Make sure it is a can that has fish oil in it, not water.
joe oneill
22-Nov-2009 22:22:30
We had two cats recently taken by a bobcat and have another two in the house (now indoor cats). My first inclination was like many posts on here...find it and shoot it. I absolutely loved my cats, they were part of our family and I still miss them dearly. But, after some thought, I decided to not try and hunt it. It's a wild animal and just trying to feed. After all, we moved into it's territory. And, I'm sick and tired of that typical human response of killing anything and everything that remotely threatens us.

Our cats were hunters as well taking down many neighborhood birds. How would I have felt if some neighbor took exception and poisoned my cats?

It's the cycle of life. I think my cats understood that.

26-Nov-2009 12:54:08
I live in the Calif. foothills and recently lost a domestic cat. A week later a bobcat was on my roof hunting for my other cat. I think saving human urine and spreading it around the property is my next move. Since I live in town, I can't fire a gun so I think this may be my best option.
have gun will use it
31-Dec-2009 7:52:29
I cured my bobcat problems the easy way. Only cost me $4.00 i figure my family and property are more important that a litter of bobcats. if you do not like my technique you are free to choose whatever works best for you. My cure was based on an outright attack of my 2 year old daughter. Warning to all bobcats: stay away!! Simple concept.
Evan Wilson
10-Jan-2010 19:49:12
heres what you do buy some mountain lion urine and spray it around your property. or buy a live trap and a chicken put the live chicken in a small wire cage and place it in the back of the live trap. the wire cage has to be large enough for the chicken to move around and the lave trap has to be large enough to fit the chicken cage obviously. make sure that the chicken cage is all the way to the back of the live trap and that the bird has enough space to cower out of the bobcats reach, you could also make the chicken cage grid pattern very small large enough for the cat to see it but small enough for it not to be able to reach into the cage
23-Feb-2010 17:16:47

8-May-2010 9:47:21
Contact the bigcatrescue right away. They are in Tampa florida they will know what to do best it he bothers you that bad. And Always as a good rule keep your pets inside. Hope you make the right decision for you and the bobcat. April Save the wild cats! :)
2-Jul-2010 8:53:27
Get a trap that doesn't kill(or injure it)and release it into a wildlife sanctuary!!!!!!!!
Rosanna will get a gun a
8-Jul-2010 21:06:42
One of my lovely cats was attacked this am and died a few hours ago. THere is NO way I am sending that bastard bob cat to a sanctuary. Blood for Blood, I will hunt it down and get ride of it AND its kittens, the Montana way, with a shotgun. I am an animal lover but nature will take it's toll & it's survival of the fittest. As Brian C said, I am at the top of the food chain and I know how to use a gun. I want BLOOD. Sorry Lilly and April.
Blake B.
5-Sep-2010 19:14:19
I just went out to hunt bobcats tonight..... no such luck. I used a bloody deer buttcheek and got about 10 yards away..... using a marlin 30-30, I love to hunt and i will hunt ANYTHING that walks on 4 legs when its not deer season. so anybody who knows how to hunt bobcats, tell me how. And there is no need for name calling
8-Oct-2010 9:25:36
So very sorry about your cats, Carl, but why after two have been killed, did you allow your remaining cat out? Re. All the bloodthirsty revenge comments.... if you really are an animal lover and in particular a cat lover, how could you consider (for more than an an understandable moment) shooting this beautiful cat and killing her kittens. Just as your cats hunted and killed mice and baby rabbits for sport, so the Bobcat followed her natural instincts, which in her case were of actual necessity. I'm not just proselytizing, my adored cat was killed 2 days ago by a Bobcat and my first reaction was one of hate for his killer but having calmed down a little, the thought destroying another beautiful cat made no sense at all. Humans generally like to think of themselves as being 'superior' to animals (Ha), How about you? (Blake, you've already answered that one)

21-Dec-2010 7:50:29
Dont kill the bobcat!!!We have bobcat problems too. Try to keep your cats in. As for your chickens put a really tall fence around their pen, or try those spray chemicals.Put a bad smelling thing around your house, and keep refreshing it every once in a while, and soon the bobcat will learn to stay away becaue it will think that its your territory.Dont shoot it and sometimesw animal control kills it.
catch and release my but
11-Jan-2011 15:55:03
screw it it killed 2 ducks and 5 chickens then injured another. it killed the chicken my lil sister hand raised so for evry animal it killed it gets one shot to the lower torso then ill let it suffer and bleed out no one jacks with my lil sister and gets away with it IT WILL DIE
hell yes
21-Jan-2011 20:04:13
i hunt bobcats and coyotes. for all of you haters, 4 coyotes tried to kill me! and now i became a hunter. its fun. anyone want any tips let me know. jasper.
sad and mad
15-Apr-2011 15:16:15
It killed my best friend (a cat) two days ago. Yes, she was outside. I normally keep her inside but she goes back and forth with me between the trailer and the house. It only took a few minutes of her being alone for the bobcat to kill her. All that was left of her was her claws and long scratch marks on the deck where she tried to hold on. The same bobcat has been killing cats in this area for a few years now. If something killed your best friend what would you do? I haven't hunted since I was a kid but I just got my 30/30 out of mothballs.
29-May-2011 12:34:56
never kill a bobcats kittens..the kittens did not kill your cats the mom or dad did....its how they liv...they dont know any other way of life....i get mad everytime i see someone eating meat or hunting for animals...doesnt mean im gonna take my 44 magnum out and blow their heads off....i think bobcats r the least of your problems....u need help if u wanna kill the bobcats liter....i have a bob cat that comes to my house everyday and gets into fights with other cats....its a way of life for them=)
15-Jun-2011 21:15:28
My girlfriends cat got taken last night. I went searching today and only found her two front legs. I understand it's nature but cats in our neighbourhood have been going missing. One Bobcat was spotted in our apartment complex a week ago. It's worrisome it's a residential area with kids around. I reckon it's time to call animal control. If I could of caught it I would of beaten it to death with a golf club. Live by the sword die by the sword. It was a great little cat and I will miss her terribly. I've never believed in hunting til now. I believe it's similar to a Lion entering a village but on a smaller scale. They don't belong near humans.
5-Jul-2011 19:09:49
2 wks ago in broad daylight a huge Bobcat leapt out of the lilac bushes and tried to get our cat. The cat jumped up in surprise and he ran like the dickens to us. He was lucky and we can't belive what we saw! Now today the bobcat was seen again in broad daylight approaching my yard. Why is he hunting during the day light? Also,2 times his wkd we saw a lg coyote attack & kill baby turkeys near our house.The mother turkeys were so upset making a lot of noise. We don't know what is going on around here but keeping our cats safe is our responsibility so I will have to leave them in now. Boy will they be upset & drive us crazy! Any hints on best way to do this?
10-Jul-2011 18:50:06
I am missing 7 cats, in 3 weeks. No fur or remains anywhere. I have woods and marshy area behind me. I think it's a bobcat as I found some prints that are too big for my cats. I heard something big the other morning about 5:45 run off from my yard to the wooded area. Scared the cats, and I couldn't see it, but made lots of noise thru the leaves. Going to contact Animal Control. I have many cats both inside and out, have taken up any food droppings, bring in as many outside cats during the night as I can. Don't want to loose anymore, but fear I will if this creature isn't caught and soon.
22-Aug-2011 12:46:33
In the last month i have lost a 4 ducks and a cat...wasnt sure what was getting the, but saw the bobcat out during the day, just walking around, even with the neighbors mowing there lawn nearby...since them, ive lost 3, one a day for the last 3 days..Im down too 2 ducks, and feel defeated, because he is clearly watching us and planning his attacks, which seem to happen during the day , which scares me..
3-Sep-2011 7:37:59
Spray the cage trap with "scent away" It can be found in most sporting good stores. bait it with raw chicken, then If possible find some animal furr, preferably from a rabbit and scatter it at the rear of the trap with the bait. Then cover the cage trap with brush. weed, timber etc. This makes it look like a natural cubby. Cats hunt on eye sight wich I must say is far more keen than most animals. So tie some fishing line above the cage trap form a tree branch and attatch a chicken feather to the other end so it blows in the wind. This is very irresistable and the animal will be very curious of it. If you catch a skunk. simply lock the cage door open with visegrip pliers and when it is brave enuf it will leave on its own free will. Then you can repeat the process. Be advised skunks, raccoons carry rabies and they love chicken, animal carcasses, raw meat etc. as well as the bobcat. Good Luck !
3-Sep-2011 7:41:41
I would not reccomend relocating the bobcat without an experts opinion or supervision. It is a predatory animal and is capable of stalking and attacking without warning. They have been known to be very stubborn and travel long distances to their teritory property. It is killing House cats to eliminate the treat to its source. It is probably a Tom and there may be a water / food source near by. cats are anit-social to begin with. It is instinct for it to mame and kill smaller animals.
Lisa Balogun
4-Sep-2011 14:20:59
I lost one of my cats two days ago. We spotted a young bobcat on our property coming from our barn where we have chickens. Did not have a gun handy so it got away. I believe it will keep coming back for our other cats or our small goats so I hope I can get a shot at it. I will put out a bobcat trap baited at night in hopes to trap it. I do not want to loose any of my animals to predators like bobcats or coyotes so if its a threat to pets or other livestock I feel its fair game to kill it.
13-Dec-2011 11:32:44
Use a #2 leghold trap no farther than three feet from its usual trail. Cover it with dirt get rid of all evidence of you being there. Burry scent next to it and there you go.
tree dog
15-Dec-2011 15:18:09
get a couple of hounds such as walker blueticks or black and tans you can get him with them and kill it if you get a permit
31-Dec-2011 9:00:19
will bobcats eat catfood?
9-Apr-2012 9:29:32
I too am animal lover. But we have a real problem in our area. Unlike most if the comments here we are in the country and have plenty of wild animals availabe to feed on. However the bobcat we are dealing with is eating the cats instead. No one in within a mile of wbere I am can keep a cat. We alone have had 3 adult cats killed one a tom cat and one a mama to some young kittens and then 6 of the young kittens have now been killed plus one I am trying to save that it attacked not once but twice not sure yet wether it is gong to survive. I normally would agree with relocation but not sure that is the answer in this instance. Do not want to just transfer the problem to someone else.
Rita Salmons
16-May-2012 7:53:32
(at)Jasper. . .I would appreciate any tips you are willing to share. We recently instaled cameras at our gate and on 5/13/2012 at 4:52 pm image of a big healthy bobcat entering our property was captured. Our barn cats have not been seen in a while now I am concerned about our dogs, chickens, calves and newborn miniature donkeys. I shudder to think about our small granddaughter playing outside and all the walking we do in our daily life at the ranch. We placed a big hog trap close to the gate the bobcat came through just not sure what to bait it with. Thanks for any help or tips!
12-Jun-2012 16:55:54
We have a bobcat problem also but now they have contaminated my property with bobcat fever that has killed 3 of my very healthy cats.Hopefully the rest wont get it but there is a bobcat season here.So I will not hesitate.
9-Jul-2012 5:03:32
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15-Jul-2012 21:49:14
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16-Jul-2012 6:31:08
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23-Oct-2012 4:51:38
He even chased away this friendly peacock (that stopped by to check out REBOL 3.0 progress three weeks ago.) ukessays
Very upset goat owner
25-Oct-2012 21:31:47
My baby Nigerian pigmy goat was attacked and killed by a bobcat last week during the day with dogs barking. She jumped a six foot fence with her kitten looking on. What I found of my baby goat's remains was horrific. Who animal control agency or CA fish and Game would help. It's my problem I was told.
2-Dec-2012 18:30:46
Cats are all very territorial and I can tell you that it sees you as the intruder. He or she will continue to eat your cats until you decide to buy a dog. With that being said they are also very easy to trap. Either way one of them will solve the problem.if you want to trap it You may have to do some research on the cat and find out where it uses the bathroom.If you can find evidece of cat scat put your trap there and sooner or later!All cats use the same toilet again and again and will return.In Wyoming if we have predator problems they are seen as a nusiance problem and usually we exterminate them.
Loch Dog
10-Dec-2012 10:24:54
I have lost 2 chickens and the third got away some how ( super chicken ) and came back. It is still alive this morning, but still in shock.
Bobcat killer
2-Aug-2013 23:51:28
I lost a cat to a bobcat I loved that cat dearly the bobcat keeps coming back in the morning looking for more cats the other day a baby bobcat was chasing my neighbors cat I will kill them if they come in my yard again and I have a big dog but they are not afraid of her so a bullet between the eyes they will get.
19-Nov-2013 16:34:50
I live in the high dessert .here we have aboit 5 bobcats and a lion Hunting the same territory they kill catd dogs .They also stalk people.I'm sure it is only matter of time before they get the balls to try their luck on me. Its the bobcats that worry me not the mountainloin they are the ones that don't seem to fear humans . they are not small you are not going to get one of them in any 1'by2' cage or trap so someone please tell me what do I do .wounder when Me or one of my family will get attacked or kill the beast
15-Apr-2014 13:35:22
Lost one of our beloved cats (my favorite Roxy) about a year ago to a bobcat, been seeing that same bobcat around the neighborhood here in Port St Lucie, FL a lot lately at all hours of the day and night. Animal Control doesn't give a crap, they see us as the problem, not the bobcats. I wanted to kill that bobcat so bad when it first happened. Well a year later and nothing's changed. If I ever get an opportunity that bobcat is toast! This is not the countryside, this is a city of 160K inhabitants with schools and playgrounds and trails, and this bobcat has no fear, half the people in our neighborhood have lost pets. Animal Control won't do a thing, the woman I talked to just lectured me about leash laws, I wanted to climb through the phone and punch her! How insensitive is that? Now that I got my gun out of storage that cat is DEAD!
15-Apr-2014 15:07:29
I'm so upset -- I think a bobcat got our kitten, Spunky! :'-( We live in the SF Bay Area, in Northern Marin County and our townhome complex is nestled in rolling hills dotted with oak and bay trees. Our backyard is small and "sunken" with 4 ft. retaining wall against the hill. 20 yards up the hill is another low retaining wall that separates Open Space from our complex. It appears the entire hill is our yard... which is a big reason we've stayed here 16 years. It's beautiful and we've loved seeing the wildlife stoll by: mostly wild turkey, deer, squirrel, hawks and owls, but sometimes we catch a glimpse of a fox or coyote. I've always kept a large pot of water for wildlife ontop of our yard's retaining wall. But I removed it... I don't want to encourage this damn bobcat! What's odd is we had an indoor/outdoor cat who lived here the entire 16 years and he was NEVER hassled by any wildlife! (He passed a few months ago at age 19.) So, we adopted 7-mo-old Spunky and 10-mo-old Amigo from a shelter about a month ago as a bonded pair. We kept them indoors for a week until Amigo was climbing the walls to go outside. Of course, Spunky followed. We at first kept a close eye on them when they went out, but after a few days, they seemed fine and we weren't as vigillant. (Since our older cat was safe outdoors for so many years, we had a false sense of security.) Everyday we brought the cats inside from dusk until mid-morning. Amigo was the adventurer running around the hills all day, while Spunky liked to stay indoors mostly. They started bringing in blue-belly lizards, which we tried to save and release. Anyway, two weeks ago around 1PM, I see this HUGE bobcat sitting on the hill, inbetween our yard and the Open Space retaining wall. I was amazed - in 16 years we've never seen a bobcat here! I got pics and video with my cell phone... he was very regal, calm, sitting upright and casually looking around. Even a butterfly was fluttering around him, so it seemed kind of magical. After 20 min, the bobcat slowly made his way down to our fence (separates our yard from neighbor's,) and sat on top of it. He was crouched down, then he walked toward us along the fence, with his LONG LEGS. (We were looking out our closed sliding glass door.) Amigo was trying to get out, but we kept both cats inside, that bobcat was too close for comfort! He looked right at our cats, then at us... but he didn't seem upset; he seemed very serene. He was contemplating jumping INTO the yard, but instead, he turned around, hopped off the fence, and walked along our retaining wall to the pot of water I kept. He then sprayed on a couple bushes and strolled off. He spent at least 1/2 hour down here. At the time, we felt kind of "honored" this beautiful creature paid us a personal visit... now I feel so stupid! I should have chased him away with the hose on Jet! Anyway, two days ago, Spunky went outside and never came back. We've posted flyers, offering a reward, and even went door-to-door handing them out, asking neighbors to contact us if they see him. Yesterday afternoon I went hiking thru the hills (Amigo came along,) but we didn't find Spunky. Actually, the day Spunky disappeared, I had a vision of his arm being pulled and he was in pain, but I didn't want to attach meaning to it... now I realize he may have been attacked. Oh God, it just kills me... but if that's the case, at least he's out of pain now. I've always had a blind affinity for the sheer beauty, skills and courage of big cats, but now I'm sadly schooled. We can't keep Amigo inside, he's part feral and demands to be let out. But he's the same breed as our cat who lived to be 19, so maybe he's just more savvy. I hope so.
16-Apr-2014 4:29:50
BTW it doesn't kill for food, it hardly eats any of what it kills just the guts. We're finding the whole bodies in tact most every time, just the guts ripped out. It's killing for sport, instinct, it doesn't know any better, it just sees something moving and chases. We thought we were being safe keeping our cats in at night, but this thing hunts all day and night. We'd lived here for 10 years, had no idea there were bobcats coming this far in amongst the houses, at least 10 blocks from any woods, now our yards full of bobcat scat, seems it's patrolling our yard at night, smells our remaining 3 cats, this things got to go!
17-Apr-2014 21:17:40
Well... lots of developers. Whys then is R3 still dead alpha?
Chasing the wrong wildcat? (Try catching R3)

BTW, nice thread. =)

17-Apr-2014 21:27:05
Enjoy! (I did.)
Logical Citizen
14-Jul-2014 1:13:08
I'm surprised by the nonviolent reaction many of you are having. Once a wild predator learns to associate human establishments with food (ie your domestic animals) it must be killed. Relocating it will only allow it to prey on someone else's animals and is morally irresponsible in my opinion. A neighbor of ours had one cat killed and eaten (all that was left was the head, skin, and backbone) while we lost a number of small goats. We trapped then shot the offending bobcat using one of the goat carcasses. I then allowed the insects to do their job and donated the bleached skeleton to the local school where they have it in their biology lab.
21-Jul-2014 20:42:10
It is legal to shoot or trap a bobcat in California, but you need a permit. You can't shoot near houses but you could trap it.
Laurie Doulin
28-Jan-2015 18:46:53
I too have an issue with a bobcat...I live about 40 miles north from west point in New York...lost one kitty so far..animal control or dec will do nothing..but I certainly won't let this cat control and manipulate my outdoor environment...I'm going to try to do everything and anything I can to have it leave this area....I don't care anymore about its well being and it being protected...I have encountered it twice in four days in a low branch in a tree only 50 feet from my place..and it didn't give a hoot about me seeing it..didn't budge at all...z sorry people...I want it gone...scares the crap out of me and I don't trust it at all..and now it's mating I bet you this cat isn't alone...and we have tons of acres of undeveloped forest...just not fair...he's got to go..and when he does..I'll post it...
cat trouble
29-May-2015 18:17:52
you should call the bobcat patrol to see how to trap it
No Friend of Mine
26-Jul-2015 13:41:31
Bobcat in the backyard....came face to face with it about 3 feet away hiding at the base of some shrubs....he stared at me....I stared at him....Police came out....Saw the Bobcat....Did nothing....Animal Control came out....Saw the Bobcat....Clapped her hands and it jumped over the fence....I have a 3 year old daughter....I want the Bobcat GONE....I don't give a #(at)$#$#&&% about his welfare or how he leaves.... Any ideas are welcome.
No more kitty
21-Jan-2016 4:52:43
They sell larger live traps at Tractor Supply. Live chickens work great as bait or in my case one of the dead ducks it killed the previous night. Oh and the bobcats in my area don't seem to have any fear of humans.
12-Aug-2016 10:16:01
As a vegan if a bobcat ate my pets I would kill it. .f%$# nature
Bilal Khan
26-Jul-2017 12:19:57
Don’t mistake Raccoon for a squirrel, Raccoon is bigger and deadlier than a squirrel. It always dangerous and terrifying to have Raccoons roaming around your house. Just take a look at them and decide for yourself, scary looking little creature nature has blessed us with. If you don’t know how to get rid of raccoons, better seek professional help. At Star Pest Control, we use effective means to get rid of raccoons.

Jen lindgren
12-Sep-2017 0:53:16
I live in NS Canada- known to have Lynx in my area- I've googled for help in my quest without success: What has eaten all of my catnip??,at least 50 one night it disappeared ! Leaving only 1 foot tall stems behind but all foliage eaten ! Apparently rabbits will not eat it nor deer- too strong smelling..and all that is left besides coyotes and racoon- is felines- but no cat I know would ever consume so much at once..But there it is-gone ! Any ideas ?? Thanks Jen
31-May-2018 19:32:35
Just kill on last night, caught him killing my chickens and then he turn on me lucky for me I was armed. I didn't have any other choice but to kill the animal but if I did I would call the animal control folks.
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kill them
1-Sep-2018 8:16:15
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istanbul kiralik bobcat
30-Oct-2019 20:45:49
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29-Nov-2019 13:06:16
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A year ago a bobcat killed my beloved 13 yr old Beagle. We were unaware of the Bobcat problem and left our dog door open all night. When Baci didn’t show up for breakfast at 6 am, I went out in the yard. There he was with throat cut and gutted. We were foolish enough to to think our 6 ft wall would protect Baci. I still miss him so, hope it was fast, and still feel guilty. Sad in Tucson
Mkhulu Mtungwa
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I completely trusted Dr Paul totally from the time I spoke with him during the period my husband Left me  after11 years of our marriage, He started the spell work on my husband, and gave me so much assurance and guaranteed me that he was going to bring my husband back to my feet in just 48 hours of the spell casting. I was so confident in his work and just as he said in the beginning, my husband is finally back to me again, yes he is back with all his hearts, Love, care, emotions and flowers and things are better now. I would have no hesitation to recommend this powerful spell caster to anybody who is in need of help.. E-mail; astoriashrine (at) gmail com
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Melissa Hannah
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My Name is Melissa Hannah,I never believed in Love Spells or Magics until I met this special spell caster once when i went to Africa to Execute some business..He is really powerful. The woman i wanted to marry left me 1 weeks to our weeding ceremony and my life was upside down.she was with me for 7 years and i really love her so much..she left me for another man with no reason.when i called her she never picked up my calls and she don’t want to see me around her…so,when i told the man what happened.he helped me to do some readings,and after the readings he made me to realize that the other man has done some spells over my wife and that is the reason why she left me..he told me he will help me to cast a spell that bring her back.At first i was skeptical but i just gave it a try…In 2 days,she called me herself and came to me apologizing..I cant believe she can ever come back to me again but now i am happy she’s back and we are married now with lovely kid and we live as a happy family..Am posting this to the forum incise anyone needs the man.His email address is Email: dr.wadada(at) Website:
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my name is Annmarie from CANADA, I want to thank the great WADADA for what he did for me he brought happiness back into my life. My boyfriend left me and told me is over I was devastated as I loved him so much I decided to contact a spelI caster and I met a friend who told me of a great doctor and I decided to contact him and he told me in three days my boyfriend will call me and beg me to accept him I thought he was joking in three days everything happened as he said I am so happy now.You can also contact him at;, Email: dr.wadada(at) Website:
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I am from USA, after six years in marriage with my husband with 3 kids, he suddenly started going out with other women and coming home late, each time i confronted him it turns out to be a fight and he always threatened to divorce me at all time, my marriage was gradually coming to an end. i tried all i could to stop him from this unruly attitude but all proved abortive, until i saw a post in the forum about a spell caster who helps people cast spell on marriage and relationship problems, at first i doubted it but decided to give it a try, when i contacted this Spell caster Dr.WADADA via email, he helped me cast a spell and within four days my husband came back apologizing for all he has done and promised never to do such again and today we are happily together again. Contact this Great spell caster for your marriage or relationship issues on his email address, Email: dr.wadada(at) Website:
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19-Jun-2021 15:05:41
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