Comments on: REBOL DevCon 2007 Review and Appreciation
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Comments on: REBOL DevCon 2007 Review and Appreciation

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-May-2007 22:58 GMT

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The 2007 REBOL DevCon (developer conference) was held May 10th and 11th at the Laboratoire Cognitions Humaine et Artificielle (Laboratory of Human and Artificial Cognition) at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (high studies), part of the University of Paris (Sorbonne) and located downtown at the center of Paris. It was a great location -- walking distance to sights such as the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame basilica, and so much more.

The conference turned out excellent, including the special group lunches and dinners. And, yes, the French food was wonderful, as you would expect in Paris.

I would like to thank François Jouen, the head conference organizer, and the rest of the conference team and sponsors for their hard work to make the conference possible this year. I also appreciate the time and effort made by Christophe Coussement to run the conference web site. The conference was also streamed to hundreds of REBOLers who were not able to attend in-person. I very much would like to thank Pierre Sahores of Sahores Conseil for sponsoring and running the video feed of the entire conference.

Laboratoire Cognitions Humaine et Artificielle

A number of speakers covered topics from REBOL 3.0 (three sessions), uses of REBOL, cool new tools and sites, and even a program to help learn Mandarin Chinese. In addition, Ron Everett, from Relavance Technologies presented a very special session about the use of associative memory technology in database design.

The sessions...

The above photo shows the remote presentation by Baron R. K. Von Wolfsheild from Los Angeles, and we thank him for staying awake so very late to make that possible (9 hour time difference).

I must comment that I really enjoyed the sessions presented by Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch this year. His GLayout, Liquid, LiquidGL, and other advanced software engineering tools may be perfectly timed with the need for a new REBOL 3 GUI system (although, it is still early, and no final decision has been made).

After the conference, a large part of the group stuck around for many hours of discussions about REBOL, most specifically 3.0 design issues, and most importantly, a brainstorm about how best to approach the new GUI for 3.0. It was quite interesting, mixing both the pragmatic necessity with the desire for substantial advances. I think good things will come as a result of the discussion.

Luca, me, and Gabriele

A few of us continued to tour around the Paris area. The photos above (Luca, me, Gabriele) and below are from the Palace of Versailles. The day we visited, they turned on all the fountains, as they rarely do, in celebration of the historic REBOL conference... at least, I think that was the reason, wasn't it?

Versailles fountains

Later, I had the chance to visit many of the great masters at their home in Musée d'Orsay...

Van Gogh and visitor

As I reflected on those few who changed art during the impressionistic era, I realized that it is a common human trend for new ideas to be widely misunderstood during their early years. I understand quite well the environment those pioneers had to endure. (But, don't be concerned. I want to keep both my ears.)



16-May-2007 3:02:47
Thanks Carl to you and all speakers ! It was a great event !
16-May-2007 3:49:36
It was very pleasant to see all of you, again for a part, and to meet the other.

I enjoyed the conferences and all the moments between and after.

And yes, that last moment brainstorming around the future of VID was one of the best.

Thanks to all who came, and "Vive la Rebolution".

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
16-May-2007 5:26:19
a truely enjoyable experience from the moment I touched the parisian soil... even if my luggage was lost on my way back (and later sent to my doorstep!).

I was happy to finally meet a lot of the french people using REBOL.

I felt quite priviledged to be in the same room as so many highly talented people and those few brainstorms we had about VID, Revault, The quantum physics relation to thought, senses and linguistics (that was Carl and Ron speaking mostly, and others trying to understand ;-) are some of the cooler discussion I've had in my life.

Most of all, I was reminded of one reasons I like REBOL so much. THE PEOPLE in the community.

thanks to you all, and to those 1000 people who tuned in on the broadcast (I hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself ;-)

till next time!


16-May-2007 7:06:05
Wincing at the grandiosity of that closing statement... but otherwise congrats on another successful DevCon. I hope materials are posted/published quickly to capitalize on the momentum of the event (hint hint).
Carl Sassenrath
16-May-2007 10:23:26
Philippe and DideC: thanks so much for your involvement in making this year's conference possible.

Maxim, I had equally a great time in all of our discussions.

Edoc, I think Max is just a bit like the "mad scientist" of the group, but I enjoy that personality. I very much appreciated his sessions this year and learned so much about his technology. And, yes, I will be posting my slides very soon.

Brian Tiffin
16-May-2007 11:08:06
It was definitely a nice few days of video watching and Altme chatting. Nice to see the faces and hear the voices from the REBOL community.

Thanks everyone and a special thanks to Sahores Conseil for the feed.


Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
18-May-2007 8:11:05
hahaha, Carl, does this have anything to do with the description I gave of my quad core brain? and after listening to you and ron speaking... being called a "mad scientist" by you is quite an honor! ;-D

btw, liquidGL will be online in a short while, just after the first on-line demo of Revault. which should be done by next week :-)

Anton Rolls
20-May-2007 20:43:38
The "Devcon News" link is broken.
François Jouen
22-May-2007 15:06:30
Hi everybody The video of the conference must be accessible tomorow. Thanks to Sahores Conseil. It was a real pleasure for me to welcome you in Paris. Thanks for coming !
François Jouen
9-Jun-2007 14:14:52
Video to download:
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