Comments on: REBOL 2007 Developer Conference in May
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Comments on: REBOL 2007 Developer Conference in May

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
23-Apr-2007 18:23 GMT

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It is true that I've not said much about the 2007 REBOL developers conference, but I think it will be quite interesting this year. It is now less than three weeks to the DevCon...

As you know, REBOL 3 is the future of REBOL, and right now is a pivotal moment for it. The kernel of the new system is up and running, and over the last couple weeks I've added TCP networking ports and devices to it. Just a few days ago, R3 accessed its first website via TCP. An important milestone to be sure.

For me, I must say that the R3 process has been quite torturous due to my constant requirement to keep it as simple as possible. Oddly, making something simpler is so difficult to do, but I believe I have achieved the goal in many ways. Just as an example, the TCP device (the open source module that implements both client and server commands) is only 500 lines of C code, of which about 200 lines are comments. That size makes it easier to understand, improve, and debug by developers! I will be showing and discussing this at the DevCon.

I will also be discussing the bigger vision for R3 and beyond, and how it all fits together into the concept of a lightweight, networked, virtual/real operating system.

If you have not visited it recently, the REBOL DevCon 2007 web site has been improved. I would like to thank all of the conference organizers who have worked to put all of it together this year. It is an independent event made possible by the members of the REBOL community, and I am very grateful for that.

Also, I think this year's conference will be less formal and more discussion-oriented than in the past. I am looking forward to giving a couple presentations about R3, but even more so in less-formal, relaxed discussions (at the fine cafes of Paris) on a wide range of topics related to REBOL.

I very much hope you will be able to attend this year's conference.



23-Apr-2007 12:18:36
Yes, sadly I will not be able to make it.

However, Iím open to doing a remote presence presentation (Video Skype for example).

This may actually work very well.

24-Apr-2007 7:31:14
Hello everybody,

I'll be interested by the DevCon 2007 but the price is too expensive, even if I live in France. I hope materials will be available online after the DevCon.


24-Apr-2007 8:02:33
However, Iím open to doing a remote presence presentation (Video Skype for example).

This would be a great idea. I think a lot more presenters would be able to present their stuff (perhaps including little me). The Devcon has felt a lot like a little closed forum in the previous years with only the videos as a glimpse of what is going on there.

carlos lorenz
24-Apr-2007 8:21:32
No money no fun and no devcon, unfortunately. Hope to see you guys via skype. Hey what about some videos at YouTube after the meeting? Good luck and have a great time!
25-Apr-2007 3:39:16
I have one suggestiong to conference organisers - please create some communication channel. If not live video/voice presentation, or off-line video recording to later provide it to the community, then at least live IRC or AltME session with few comments.

I hope those who can't attend don't stay isolated, in regards to new info being released. There is probably going to be lot of new info to be said about detials of R3, and also the bigger picture. It would be pity if the rest of the community would miss that ...

Thanks, Petr

25-Apr-2007 9:40:50
I'll second these opinions. Please provide something for us who can't attend. Thanks in a million.

Carl Sassenrath
25-Apr-2007 11:17:46
Yes, I am hoping that we can arrange for the above.

In addition, we have a document wiki system (DocBase) that we are currently testing that will be open, and this is where such information will be made available.

However, due to my own travel schedule relative to the DevCon, many of the materials will be posted after I return from the DevCon.

25-Apr-2007 12:01:08
So DocBase exists, nice. It would be good, if at some point blog allowed to let community members to ask questions, which could be selectively answered by RT. Good communication and marketing channel.

Will there be also any View related info? We surely would like to know, how R3 "core" architecture will influence View design/compatibility?

2-May-2007 11:01:48
Sorry to say, Paris is not in the cards for this year. Darn...I like Paris. I will certainly be watching whatever videos can be created, and I will be watching the REBOL AltME worlds as well.

Hi to those of you who know me! :o)

Christian Langreiter
10-May-2007 9:13:26
Sadly I couldn't make it this year; I sure hope all REBOLiers have a great time and we stay-at-homies get to have a glimpse at what's going on too.

Is anyone doing live (web) reporting from the DevCon?

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