Comments on: REBOL3 AltME World - The Plan
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Comments on: REBOL3 AltME World - The Plan

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
29-Mar-2007 16:11 GMT

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The REBOL3 AltME world has been restored, so this article has been modified.

Relevant parts:

  1. By default, AltME mirrors its world data on all user machines. So, you still have access to all of the older discussions, files, lists, etc. Archive them, as you need.
  2. In addition, I am expecting to setup a web page form for users to create new AltME accounts. This will make it easy to add yourself to the world.

This is a critical stage in REBOL 3.0 development, so I am horribly busy. However, I will do what I can to have this up and running by the weekend.

And, yes, we have a new backup procedure for the server... this time using REBOL and REBOL/Services.



Brian Hawley
29-Mar-2007 10:17:22
Will there be a new version of AltME that can read this mirrored world data offline, so that all of those old discussions are accessible? Is there somewhere that the contents of the REBOL, REBOL2 and REBOL3 worlds will be made available?
Anton Rolls
29-Mar-2007 22:50:28
This is good news.
30-Mar-2007 0:15:35
Let's use the Mailinglist. I still like it much more for common Rebol discussion and we get more publicity with it.
31-Mar-2007 11:01:28
Brian: writing a script to visualize old Altme data offline should be easy as these are just text files stored in the world directory.
2-Apr-2007 10:56:05
its a very good news : i used REBOL3 world as a source of information and a tool for collaboration, the failure has slowed my project. An altme world is much better and faster than a forum or a mailing list.
Carl Sassenrath
2-Apr-2007 11:15:11
Brian: AltME should already allow access to the data offline.

Robert: email lists are so problematic -- that list has be difficult to keep running, due to all the issues related to spam, not just inbound, but also for the list outbound postings. I agree with publicity point.

2-Apr-2007 11:26:47

the thing is, that Brian is asking for fixed version of AltME off-line reading capability. Off-line messages reading is broken with latest AltME version - it crashes AltME. Not sure when SafeWorld will fix that ...

Brian Hawley
2-Apr-2007 16:53:59
I would also like the old REBOL worlds made available for download somewhere so that I can see the old discussions. In particular I would be interested in seeing the messages that were on AltME before I joined, or the ones I missed because a world went down before I got the chance to download the latest messages (I missed a few months once when that happened).

You say that the messages are cached on your computer but that is just those that your client downloaded, not the whole history of the world from its beginning. There's a lot of good documentation and community history that is effectively lost whenever we switch worlds.

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