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Comments on: Comments enabled

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
19-Mar-2007 18:36 GMT

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The comment part of this blog has been enabled again.

I took it offline after the server crash to avoid a database merge problem when the older comments were restored. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on those, so let's just go ahead, and I'll merge the older comments when we get them.



Carl Sassenrath
19-Mar-2007 11:40:35
Testing comment.
19-Mar-2007 23:51:28
My customers freak when the server goes down for half an hour.. 10 days would be corporate suicide.
20-Mar-2007 2:42:22
Where it Altme/rebol3? Is it possible that it was moved and no alert was sent out?
20-Mar-2007 3:27:09
MikeL, there appears to be another problem at SafeWorlds with an unreliable host:

Here and here

Thomas (
20-Mar-2007 7:09:37
I pasted comments from the first six google-pages into this post at reboltalk:,742.0.html I thought that maybe people would join me, but that hasn't happenned yet. Reboltalk doesn't seem to get that many visits. Now that the comments are back, they will merge with the old results soon, but if you add "" to the query, it may work.
Carl Sassenrath
20-Mar-2007 10:29:22
In general, most things are back online. However, we did not backup "redundant" processes, like AltME.... so I am waiting for the disk to be recovered.

That outage at Safeworlds was from a power cable cut in Virginia at Superb Internet that did not seem to have adequate power backup for a long period of time.

Thanks Thomas: I used your google query sent to us in Feedback to recover some of the more important R3 blog comments.

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