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Comments on: Rebol - Guide du programmeur - A new REBOL book!

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
16-Mar-2007 22:42 GMT

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I received a package last week that was a wonderful surprise. It was the new REBOL book, Rebol - Guide du programmeur by Olivier Auverlot, written in French. (Thanks, Olivier for sending it to me!)

Yes, Olivier has done it again with another good book on REBOL. Now, if only I was more fluent in French, I could give you a more detailed review of the book. But, I've heard good things about it, and we all know the high quality of Olivier's publications. His previous book, REBOL Programming, was one of the best introductory books ever published about REBOL.

You can find out more and order the new REBOL book from the REBOL Guide du programmeur page on



23-Mar-2007 2:25:48
I just received the book and its full of interesting ideas, that you can pick for your projects, i already had the first book of olivier and its as good as the first one.
Jeff M
25-Apr-2007 20:28:41
Are there plans for an English version?
7-Dec-2007 5:14:26
James, Those are just spams. Should be outlawed as far as I'm concerned.
Rebol - A programmer's G
25-Mar-2008 10:14:46
Olivier is now working with Peter Wood to translate “Rebol – A Programmer’s Guide” into English. The book will be published in both printed and electronic form on The prices are likely to be Euro 25.00 for the printed edition and Euro 16.99 for the portable document format version (pdf) version. (For those of you outside the Euro zone, Lulu also provides prices in Pounds Sterling and US Dollars.)

As the translation is likely to take some time to complete, we are providing exclusive previews of each chapter for those who don't want to wait until the whole book has been translated. The previews will only be available until the complete book is ready.

Each chapter will be published as a pdf once it is available and cost Euro 2.99.

At the moment, the first four chapters have been translated and can be previewed.

Peter Wood
1-Jan-2009 18:52
The translation into English is now available via Olivier's website.
4-Jul-2012 9:42:40
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