Comments on: is online again, sort of...
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Comments on: is online again, sort of...

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-Mar-2007 19:38 GMT

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A new disk drive and a backup drive have been installed on, the development server. Many thanks to our sponsor, Richard Westlake and company. We appreciate all of his hard work to keep the site online.

Quite a few of the pages and services are back online, including the RAMBO bug database and R3 blog. As you may have noticed, this main REBOL blog has moved to If you reached it via redirection from, please update your links. I also expect to get the 2.7 Update blog restored very soon.

Unfortunately, there are some subsystems that were not backed up and have yet to be recovered. That includes comments to the blogs and the old beta build distributions.

Also note that the REBOL3 Altme world is backed up inherently by how AltME works; content gets redistributed to all users. So, you can still read the prior postings, because they are stored locally (you should back that data up). Unfortunately, there isn't any tool to "reverse distribute" an AltME world and given that the REBOL3 world was getting huge, it's probably time to start a new developer world.

So, if we cannot recover the blog comments, that will be the biggest loss to me personally. I rely on those comments as a primary "discussion-base" for REBOL 3 development. If worse comes to worst, we may need to revisit the more important issues again soon.



22-Mar-2007 4:14:14
Any timeline on the restoration of IOS services?

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