Comments on: New: Tutorial Part 5
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Comments on: New: Tutorial Part 5

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Dec-2006 20:11 GMT

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I've been so busy with REBOL 3.0 recently... but today, prompted by a user feedback request, I've added a new section to the REBOL tutorial.

Check out: REBOL Tutorial Part 5 - Files, Directories, and Playing Songs



21-Dec-2006 7:14:12
Some mp3 files can be chopped, or split into a number of files. Most people probably would not chop a music mp3, but lectures and interviews are also in the mp3 format.

My mp3 player does not have a fast forward button. It can sometimes be a little tedious to listen to an entire 1 hour lecture. Nodding off towards the end has meant that I used to have to listen to it all over again from the beginning. REBOL can skip through the file and write parts of it into a number of files that replace the one large mp3 file. So it is easy to pick up the last part of the mp3.

Producing chopped mp3 files does not seem to require any more script than skipping, copying and writing -- but I have only tried a few examples so far.

21-Dec-2006 13:57:24
You might want to remove the word "the" from this sentence (at the end of A Note on File Security).

"For more information, read more about REBOL's the secure function."

31-Dec-2006 17:12:10
The library script, %podcast-chopper.r, may be used to download a large mp3 file as a number of smaller files.
Anton Rolls
1-Jan-2007 20:52
"scan of the subdirectories" <- remove "of"
5-Feb-2007 0:13:37
These are really helpful. Is there a way to read file attributes such as creation date? Say for example you wanted to sort your music by the date you got it?
Peter Wood
7-Feb-2007 8:49:19
MPM: take a look at the Rebol Dictionary entry for get-modes contains lots of hints,tips and discussion about Rebol including a full archive of the Rebol mailing list.

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