Comments on: Time for Weekly Builds
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Time for Weekly Builds

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Nov-2006 16:47 GMT

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As you know, it has been our goal to do more frequent updates to REBOL 2.6. I know I am repeating myself on that statement.


Unfortunately, with the heavy equipment dedicated to constructing REBOL 3.0, I have come to wonder if REBOL 2.6 improvements will happen.

Sassenrath constructing REBOL 3.0 (17-Nov-2006)
Sassenrath building REBOL 3.0


I think the best solution is to build new versions weekly.

I know some of you dislike that approach, but I think it has become necessary at this point.

Here's what it means to developers:

  1. Small changes, updated frequently.
  2. Not all requested changes or RAMBO fixes are made at the same time. Small steps.
  3. Bigger changes as possible.
  4. Some transparent changes, such as moving to a new compiler, etc.
  5. Beware: the release number will "spin" rapidly. E.g. 2.6.3, 2.6.5, 2.6.6...
  6. A new Update News page has been created for notes and as a forum for your comments (powered by blogger.r).
  7. RT will do the unit testing, but the REBOL community (you) must do the general testing.
  8. Updates will be uploaded to the builds area on
  9. The squeaky wheels get the grease. (I hope that translates to French, Italian, etc.) If you got a problem that needs a fix, tell us. (Don't just post it on a message board and expect we will see it.)
  10. Submitted code powers the engine. That is, if you provide a clean, tested examples/fixes, it will be included sooner rather than later.
  11. Some of the less popular platforms will be built on demand, not automatically.
  12. Changes inconsistent with REBOL 3.0 will not be added. When those happen, we will explain why.

And finally, when an update looks stable and of high quality, we will make it an official release (including SDK updates) on the site. That way everyone can benefit from the updates.



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