Comments on: Andy Warhol Amiga Film
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Comments on: Andy Warhol Amiga Film

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
13-Nov-2006 20:39 GMT

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Some of you may be interested in this link:

Lost Warhol Amiga Film to Premiere at Museum of New Art (MONA) (

The page includes an interesting story about how they uncovered the Amiga art done by Andy Warhol. The work, said to be a short digital film titled YOU ARE THE ONE has been restored, including its sound track. The site reports, "the digital stills were discovered on a floppy disk among thousands in Warhol’s estate."

Warhol was one of the more famous artists to use the Amiga. I remember him helping to introduce the Amiga at our gala launch event in New York back in 1985. During the show, Warhol used an Amiga in his unique style to paint a portrait of Debbie Harry, a well known pop star of the day (lead singer for the rock group Blondie, with hits like the "Heart of Glass" and "The Tide is High".)

I should note that the above page has no date stamp, so I'm not sure how old this information is.



14-Nov-2006 1:40:52
A bug in the parser? Whole rest of the blog is now in italic ...
14-Nov-2006 3:51:24
Looks like the last line was started with an italic HTML tag, but finished with a bold HTML end tag.
Carl Sassenrath
14-Nov-2006 12:26:45
14-Nov-2006 19:15:31
Those were the days. I remember the excitement when Amiga was introduced. I didn't acquire one until a year later. Still an Amiga 1000 though. Amiga OS 1.1 I believe.
15-Nov-2006 16:12:16
Great Blog Carl! ... History, Art and ComputerScience in 1 atricle.. It actualy should happen more often but these roads dont cross much... ;-)
Carl Sassenrath
17-Nov-2006 11:47:15
Thanks Norman... and wine, don't forget wine. ;)
robbie armour
21-Nov-2006 13:30
You're older than you look, alas unlike myself. It feels like three or four years since Andy Warhol died, not nearly twenty. The Amiga deserves a deal of credit for this movie: it was a trail-blazer in workable and affordable computer graphics.
John Todd
21-Feb-2011 9:48:23
Where can I see this movie? I couldn't find it on YouTube. Thanks!

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