Comments on: New What is REBOL Page
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: New What is REBOL Page

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Oct-2006 0:01 GMT

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Just in case you missed it, I should point out that there is a newly updated What is REBOL? page on the website.

I've decided to move away from the academic/theoretical pitch and focus on a concise set of strong bullet points. (I will eventually add hyperlinks to a few new technical documents/whitepapers and backing materials on specific topics, such as "Dialects for Domain Specific Languages".) I will also be purging out or rewriting some of the older, outdated documents.

Most of this is primarily motivated as advance preparation for REBOL 3.0 website traffic.



18-Oct-2006 3:18:29
OK Carl, but as we prepare for Rebol 3.0, will Rebol products still be like that? I mean - /Core, /View, /Command etc.? I thought, thinking of bigger picture, there will be just one REBOL and eventual commercial modules. But maybe it is ok, we can use /View, /Command whatever for system modules/components or even custom plug-ins.

Maybe you could blog about overall REBOL 3 picture? We still don't know it :-)


Carl Sassenrath
18-Oct-2006 5:24:09
I have a good diagram that will help explain 3.0. "A picture is worth 1000 words." I will try to get it online this week. Promises promises!
Marco (Coccinelle)
18-Oct-2006 5:44:03
Hi Carl,

I suggest that the bullet

  • New users can begin immediately ...
  • should have a link to the new Quick Start page.


    19-Oct-2006 14:05:16
    Great page! Exactly how I visualize REBOL in a nutshell.
    19-Oct-2006 14:13:29
    I don't think the claim of "REBOL code and data span more than 40 system platforms." is vaild anymore. The scripts I'm writing now with CORE 2.6.2 won't run on older (formerly supported) platforms. The CURRENT version of REBOL is only available for about 10 platforms, right?
    19-Oct-2006 15:29:58
    Yes, maybe Casey is right and we should be more honest here. Situation with View is even worse, isn't it? Not even OS-X is properly supported.

    I hope R3 architecture allows to change the score here and that we will see REBOL on more platforms ...

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