Comments on: Comment Method Changed
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Comment Method Changed

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
24-Aug-2006 3:35 GMT

Article #0291
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A reader asked that comments only appear on these articles when they (comments) are requested.

At first, it seemed unimportant, then I realized the comments were probably the reason why the articles were losing ranking status on search engines. To a search engine, the comments create a level of "noise" because they add extraneous words (even off topic) that dilute the words of the main article.

If you liked the way it worked before, note that you can still pull up the commented article by clicking on the Cmts link next to each article title in the table of contents. Also, the uncommented article contains a direct link to the comments. The comment links now use CGI requests, so your browser will not cache the page (causing you to see an older page rather than the current one).



25-Aug-2006 15:53
Carl, This may be only a one-time deal but I'd like to see a "0 Comments" or "No Comments" appear in the Link section (no necessarily in the index section though.) I say "one-time" because I had to check if there was something wrong with the page only to realize no one had left a comment before so therefore no comment link was there. Clicking on it could go to a "Be the first to comment..."

25-Aug-2006 15:56:09
Now that I see the "1 Comments", how about checking for that single comment? = "1 Comment"

It's all part of that UC Davis pride. : )

Carl Sassenrath
25-Aug-2006 20:44:39
The first time it should have said "Post Comments".

Will fix the 1 Comment.

Arnaud (Pegasos user)
26-Aug-2006 12:01:03
Carl S. : Nice idea the (un)folding comments to avoid problems with seach engines bots ;-]

James_Nak : yep !

Arnaud aka bigdan (frenchy Amiga & Pegasos user)

26-Aug-2006 15:24:24
Mostly - it wasn't just noise and dilution for search engines; it is noise to any reader.

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