Comments on: Back from France
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Comments on: Back from France

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
21-Jul-2006 22:21 GMT

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We are back from France. What a wonderful country: great food and wine, nice cities and towns, beautiful countryside and roads, friendly people, and so much more. We really enjoyed our trip, and I must say that I did not get as much work done as I had planned.

I had the chance to meet with several REBOLers and Amigans during our journey around the country... drank some good wine and shared many ideas and stories.

I'm still quite jet-lagged, and the weather here in California is not friendly at all (114 F, 45 C), but soon, I hope to tell a few stories and share a few photos of our trip, and give you an update on the current RT plan.



22-Jul-2006 2:28
:) Welcome back, Carl. :)
Carl Sassenrath
22-Jul-2006 14:54
Thanks. Good to be back online.
Village Idiot
22-Jul-2006 14:54
:) Everyone needs a vacation. Helps keep the creative juices flowing. And hopefully the weather will get friendly again soon.

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