Comments on: Browser Plugin Update
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: Browser Plugin Update

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
7-Jun-2006 1:58 GMT

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You may have noticed that we released a REBOL/View 1.3.2 compatible version fo the browser plugin. Now, all of those nice draw demos can be done within your web browsers. In addition, we have a Firefox/Mozilla version of the plugin (but you must install it manually at this time).

The two big features we are working on right now are:

 Multi-DLLto allow multiple instances of REBOL within a web page. Each is run as a separate process, independent of the other.

 Auto-updatemakes it possible for us to update the REBOL plugin automatically. This is tricky because we want to provide a smooth upgrade method and not store each release of REBOL on your hard disk (unless it is an entirely new version of REBOL, such as 3.0).

We are also looking at a number of other features, as well as better support for installing in Firefox/Mozilla browsers (and eventually other browsers as well).



Petr Krenzelok
8-Jun-2006 1:41
:) proxy support, please. If Rebol uses get-net-info for proxy detection, that function is rather old and does not use correct logic on Windows OS.


8-Jun-2006 3:22
At work, It's very difficult to allow rebol go throught the proxy/firewall infrastructure. The interpreter ask for proxy login/passwd in console, failed to connect and if I try agin it works. It's difficult with viewtop to test demos from here because, often it needs to downlaod files on the web and are oppened in new rebol instance.

Strange, Rebol 1.2.1, succeed to reach the web... (I just wait few secconds).

The main problem is the impossibility to manage with this issue with the plugin.

But, otherwise, I'm happy to see the plugin being more and more complete.

8-Jun-2006 7:20
This document guide.html has a broken link in it to install.html
8-Jun-2006 7:23
It would be convenient for readers if the blog page had the link to the plugin notice in it i.e.
8-Jun-2006 7:24
Did I forget to say that this is great progress?
8-Jun-2006 7:24
:) I notice that if a plugin script is running under Firefox/Mozilla browser and the "browse" function is used, it's IE Explorer that is launched.

It would be better to launch Firefox/Mozilla browser.


8-Jun-2006 7:24
:) Well, browse probably launches the default browser, no?

The multi-instance works alright, but often I have to refresh the page to get rebol to fire.

BTW, can someone give me a hint how to get back onto rebol3? Last update skragged my saved password.

12-Jun-2006 11:37
Same comment about proxy detection. I have many ideas on what I could do with this rebol plugin, but I won't do anything until proxies are better supported. If I do, my friends will say: your stuff doesn't work! :-(
12-Jun-2006 11:37
:) I use REBOL/Plugin in the Intranet and, to me, it's a good new knowing that the plugin has a self update mechanism. As I have to install it logging as administrator on each one of the 120+ PCs this feature will reduce my work. I keep a local copy of the plugin in the Intranet so, being the auto update URL configurable would be the best solution to avoid any proxy issue:
12-Jun-2006 11:37
:) Angle brackets are killed... PARAM NAME="update" value=""
Jack Denial
23-Oct-2018 7:43:59
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15-Jan-2019 12:10:20
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