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Comments on: REBOL Road to France

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
24-May-2006 19:54 GMT

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For a few weeks near the end of June, we will be roaming around France. For the first few days, we will be touring around the Paris area, sightseeing. Then, we will be getting lost in the countryside of south-west France in some quiet place within the Aquitaine Region (in English, sort of) between Toulouse and Bordeaux (close to Agen and Moissac, along the Garonne River).

For some of the trip, we will be travelling with our ballet troupe (Mendocino Ballet), but there will be times when I hope to escape for lunch, wine, beer, or tour with any REBOLers or Amigans that happen to be around these areas. I can also drive a couple hours in any direction to meet up, should the timing work out. I realize that our location is far from the busy city life, so if schedule or distance is a problem... well then... I think I will enjoy relaxing with the fine French food, wine, countryside... and write even more creative and inspiring code working on REBOL 3.0.

If you think there is any chance of getting together in the Paris area or in south-western France, we would very much welcome that. I don't think that there will be time for any kind of official conference, but I do hope to meet up with friendly REBOLers and Amigans alike. Contact us at REBOL feedback and Cindy will work out the details.

Vers la fin juin, nous allons nous balader en France. Nous passerons nos premiers jours en touristes dans la région parisienne. Puis nous plongerons dans la france profonde, dans le sud-ouest, en Aquitaine entre Toulouse et Bordeaux tout près d'Agen et Moissac le long de la Garonne.

Nous voyagerons en partie avec la troupe de ballet "Mendocino", mais j'espère pouvoir m'échapper pour partager un moment, un repas, un verre de vin ou de bière avec des Reboleurs ou des Amigaïstes du coin. Je peux aussi me déplacer en voiture pour quelques heures dans n'importe quelle direction afin de les rencontrer. Nous serons situés loin de toute grande ville et cela risque de poser des problèmes de distance ou de planning, mais j'ai bon espoir ... Je vais de toutes façons me relaxer et profiter de la cuisine française, du bon vin et des paysages ... et étre d'autant plus créatif et inspiré pour l'avancement de Rebol 3.0 .

Si vous pensez pouvoir nous rencontrer à Paris ou en province, nous vous accueillerons avec plaisir. Je ne pense pas avoir le temps d'organiser une quelconque conférence officielle, mais j'ai bon espoir de rencontrer des amis Reboleurs ou Amigaïstes. Contactez-nous sur le "REBOL feedback" et Cindy vous donnera tous les détails.

Thank you Patrick for the translation.

PS: If someone has a photo I can use of France (Paris or countryside) I would like to use it on the home page. Thanks!



12-Jun-2006 11:37
:) Hello Carl and Cindy,

For Paris images, try Nitot

You could contact too Tristan Nitot ( tristan "at" nitot "dot" com ) the photograph. He's a very cool guy => he wrote a famous french blog and he's the boss of Mozilla Europe...


Arnaud DANASSIE a french rebol and pegasos user (webmaster of

Bas de Lange
12-Jun-2006 11:37
:) On this page there is a video-interview with Tristan Nitot.

Sylvain Pourieux
12-Jun-2006 11:37
:) Hi,

I've made some photos of Montpezat d'Agenais viewed from my home (in Prayssas), about 20kms from Agen. See my "homepage" ; if you want, you can use them for any purpose.

And I'd be very glad to meet you in Lot et Garonne (hopefully you speak a little bit french ?!!).

Carl Sassenrath
7-Jun-2006 22:14
Ok, that is great. No, I do not speak much French, but we can talk in REBOL, so it will be fine.

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