Comments on: Ask the Guru... on REBOL Talk Forum
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Comments on: Ask the Guru... on REBOL Talk Forum

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
26-Apr-2006 16:04 GMT

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The admin powers of the REBOL Talk forum have granted me a special guru area to answer your deep REBOL questions.

Why this open forum? Because most new REBOLers do not have access to the AltME worlds where I can be reached (and only from time to time, I must admit).

Why not let other experts answer such questions? Yes, Gabriele, Gregg, Ladislav, and many others do a great job at that (and it helps, thanks!), and I do not want to interfere with such a good thing. But, there are times, now and then and every other Monday, when I see specific design questions about the language, and I really do want to answer those questions rather than have a "void of knowledge" floating around.

Will this forum really work? I don't know. It is an experiment, just like this blog is an experiment. But, I figure if my forum on REBOL Talk only helps to boost interest and visibility in that forum, then it will be worth doing... I very much appreciate the DefiantPc folks setting up and running the forum, and I want to give it as much support as I can.

Here is the link to the REBOL Talk Ask the Guru Forum.



26-Apr-2006 18:09
:) About Rebol Talk Forum, is it possible to create a french section for French-speaking people ?
Carl Sassenrath
26-Apr-2006 21:28
I am sure that that is possible. Contact the admin "defiantpc".

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