Comments on: The 64 bit question
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: The 64 bit question

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
10-Apr-2006 19:35 GMT

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This is an important question for all REBOL users. Please see The 64 bit question in the new REBOL 3.0 blog.



Marty Heyman
25-Apr-2006 6:59
:) No RSS on the new Blog? Hmmm, how about feedreader or something?
Brian Hawley
10-Apr-2006 17:38
Check the top, there's a link called "RSS Feed".
Jussi Hagman
10-Apr-2006 22:16
:) The new blog does not advertise the rss feed to the browser as this one does. It would be great if Carl would find the time to add the rss feed link to the header of the template.

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