Comments on: Do you prefer full text RSS feeds?
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Comments on: Do you prefer full text RSS feeds?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
9-Apr-2006 16:18 GMT

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It has been requested by readers that my blog's RSS feed be the full text of the articles. Currently, they are only summary text (auto-truncated first paragraph).

Since my blogs are usually short, the request for full text makes sense. But, if you do not agree, then make your opinion known. Otherwise, this RSS feed change will be made within the next few days.

Another option would be to provide both feeds (summary and full), if we find a split in opinions on this matter.



Carl Sassenrath
9-Apr-2006 17:16
There is also the issue of how would the full text be formatted? Would it contain HTML markup, etc.?
9-Apr-2006 17:16
With RSS (as opposed to Atom) there are issues with some readers when plain text is used (Atom allows you to specify whether the content is Text, HTML (escaped) or XHTML) so it may be best to use escaped HTML with RSS to avoid compatibility problems.

Another disadvantage of plain text is that at least my reader (NetNewsWire Lite) ignores indents, so code is indistinguishable from regular paragraphs.

Peter Wood
9-Apr-2006 17:16
:) My preference for your two blogs is different as, I believe, is the intent of both blogs:

I see your main blog as a way for you to push occasional news, snippets, etc. It does not really need a lot of interaction. The need for comments is low and, for me, feedback, the mailing list and Rebol3 AltMe world provided more than adequate "commenting ".

On the otherhand, Rebol 3.0 Frontline seems much more immediate, interactive and iterative. The comments form a part of the content.

So my ideal would be to receive the whole text of Carl's Rebol Blog and summary for Rebol 3.0 Frontline (as I need to visit the site to get the whole story).

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