Comments on: REBOL for Ubuntu Linux
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: REBOL for Ubuntu Linux

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
13-Feb-2006 4:20 GMT

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We've just released a new REBOL/Core and REBOL/View for Ubuntu Linux 5.10 for x86. Building for Ubuntu proved to be a challenge (so much so, that you begin to wonder if anyone actually develops software on Ubuntu, or perhaps they use Debian to cross develop. Ubuntu is certainly not a Linux system for developers.)

So, if you use Ubuntu Linux (or systems that are similar), give these new releases a try. You can find them in the builds area, in the 042 directory. Here is a link. Look for files with ub510.



22-Apr-2007 17:19:35
Link broken
26-Jun-2007 6:44:19
its here:
27-Jun-2007 8:59:07
I am using latest core ( on the latest ubuntu (7.04). Why do we need a special ubuntu release again?
20-Apr-2009 18:43:12
Is there away to make rebol run on ubuntu. I cannot unpack it. I tried running it under wine, but it didn't work well.

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