Comments on: Mendocino Ballet's <i>Nutcracker</i>
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Comments on: Mendocino Ballet's Nutcracker

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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14-Dec-2005 18:53 GMT

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I just have to give a good reference to this year's Nutcracker ballet performance given by our local Mendocino Ballet, a regional dance company emphasizing pre-professional training for serious students of ballet. This year's Nutcracker features my daughter in the role of Clara:

Mendocino Ballet also participates in a cultural exchange with a ballet company from Valence, France. Members of each company spend a week training and sharing the art together (each year visiting the other's country). So, I hope to be visiting France sometime over the next year or so... and, I while I am there, I want to spend time with many of the Rebolers living in France.

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