Comments on: BIND? or BOUND?
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Comments on: BIND? or BOUND?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Dec-2005 17:42 GMT

Article #0230
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There is a suggestion that bind? should be called bound? I should mention that I considered bound? but if you want it changed, we can discuss it.

Bind? was selected because: 1) it appears next to bind and is closely associated with that function, 2) it is short (and I like short words).

However, bound? is the more correct native language word, and there is the find/found? existing case. So there is a precedent.

I am open on this issue. As you know, I take word naming seriously. Discuss it with others, and if a strong agreement is reached, please contact Gabriele Santilli (Gabriele at REBOL). If there is no strong conclusion, then it remains as it is now.

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