Comments on: That Little Visits Page Counter
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: That Little Visits Page Counter

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
10-Nov-2005 18:24 GMT

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You may have noticed the visits counter at the top of the main blog page and wonder what it is actually counting?

It counts views of the main blog page, nothing else.

It does not include visits to the individual article pages which are written out as static web pages (often referenced by search engines, try googling things like "graphical server monitor", for instance)

And also, hits coming from polling the RSS feed link are ignored.

The visits counter is part of the CGI script that builds the main page. As a rule of thumb, I multiply it by three to get an idea of how many total visits there are overall.

From time to time I reset the counter, to get a better idea of what current traffic is like.



31-May-2007 18:26:37
Why don't you use Google Analytics or FeedBurner to track your visit count ;-) ?

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