Comments on: IPAQ WinCE Phone Crashes for the Last Time
REBOL Technologies

Comments on: IPAQ WinCE Phone Crashes for the Last Time

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
9-Nov-2005 1:54 GMT

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Ok, last night while using my new WinCE IPAQ cell phone, it crashed. Just in the middle of an app, it hung. The failure was so bad, I had to remove the battery to reset it. When the IPAQ rebooted, the entire contents of the memory was gone. All my contacts, files, network settings, everything - gone.

That was not the first time this week that I had to "hard-reset" my phone, but it surely was the last. The WinCE operating system and applications had so many software defects, I decided to return the IPAQ today. Poor old HP. Such cool hardware, but what where they smoking when picking Microsoft's software?

So, I'll give Blackberry a try next. From what I've heard, they are well designed. But, please let me judge that for myself. I've heard all those kinds of stories before.

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